Aluminium profile systems

Aluminium profile systems offer you flexible solutions for your business. Simply assemble them yourself and adapt them to the circumstances in your company!

Aluminium profile systems – DIY pays off

Independence is a factor in success. It's best to start with your storage facilities. Aluminium profile systems from kaiserkraft allow you to enjoy a maximum degree of freedom when putting together your next individual solutions. Not only does it feel good, it also has practical benefits.

Why do it yourself when it's available ready to use?

Do you have precise ideas of what your new platform trolley should look like? Would you like to extend and modify your shelf over and over again and in the future? Do your premises make special demands of the dimensions of the equipment?

These are all cases in which foregoing set dimensions and equipment is worthwhile. Not to mention the low weight and low space requirements of our aluminium profiles.

Altogether, you will benefit from the following advantages when aluminium profile systems are used:

  • You have maximum design freedom.

  • You can adapt the finished products to new requirements at any time and optimise your equipment piece-by-piece.

  • You save space and money during transport and storage.

However, the matter of assembly still remains. In this regard, we also have good news for you.

How do you use our aluminium profile systems?

To ensure that you enjoy your independence right from the start, aluminium profile systems from kaiserkraft can be installed with a minimum of effort. Cut the profiles to size, push in the connectors and secure them – and you're done. We also include the right Allen key.

Individually extendable with many accessories: from cover caps to central wheel stops for castors, you can also obtain modular systems in our shop, for example for platform trolleys. The ideal solution if you know exactly what you want. You don't have to give up your independence for that. The finished trolley can still be upgraded with further parts.

What are aluminium profile systems suitable for?

Transport dollies, packing stations, assembly or work stations, devices or machinery frames... Think about which equipment you need in your warehouse or your production facility. The likelihood that you can assemble them with our aluminium profiles is high. If you're unsure, ask us. We'll help you to make the right decision.

How strong and durable are aluminium profiles?

Once assembled, aluminium profile systems from kaiserkraft leave not only a good visual impression. Thanks to their geometry, they achieve high load-bearing capacities and can withstand even heavy loads.

Become independent now with our aluminium profile systems and discover our large selection of bolt-together and boltless shelving units, cupboards and other furnishings for your business.

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