Top class office furniture – the PETRA office package
The Petra office furniture series is robust and forward looking. With 5 components, this office package can completely furnish every workstation. Can be expanded at any time, this office furniture series grows with your business.

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Petra office furniture series – 5-part complete office package as BASE
The Petra office furniture series can be ordered as a 5-part complete office and therefore belongs to the sturdy BASE group. The series includes a desk with C-foot frame and 25 mm thick tabletop, a mobile pedestal with plastic materials tray, completely bonded and with lockable drawer, a shelf unit that is quickly assembled with just four screws, a filing cupboard with hinged doors and an office swivel chair with a an ergonomic seat and an actively breathing net back rest. Most office furniture series do not include an office chair, but with the Petra office furniture series, you really get a complete office in which you can start work immediately. The seat height of the swivel chair is adjustable and the chair has a permanent contact mechanism. These ergonomic advantages enable healthy sitting at the workplace. The complete office set is available with furniture in light grey or with a maple finish.

Petra office furniture series with top class furniture
The Petra office furniture series includes high quality and durable products that offer stability and very good value-for-money. Even if the office furniture is frequently taken apart and put together again, it can withstand this increased stress. Therefore you can move office several times with Petra office furniture without damaging the materials. The dimensions of the individual furniture items are fixed and there are no further sizes available. Therefore all of the sizes have been perfectly matched to each other. This means that the individual components of the Petra office furniture series make an attractive overall impression as promised by our BASE series. In addition, the complete office set on offer can be expanded with further individual components at any time. This means there's nothing to stop you taking the furniture with you when you move to a larger office space.