Cleaning cloths

Liquids, greases and oils – gone! Stains, splotches, smears – banished! As you know, with just a wipe... and a mouse click, you'll be admiring our cleaning cloths. Highly versatile, they remove all sorts of things and wipe everything clean again.

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Cleaning cloths for quick stain removal

Wiping, drying, absorbing – our cleaning cloths are all-purpose tools for use against stains, smearing or leaking liquids. And because something often goes wrong at work, we have more than one role for you.

Industrial cleaning cloths for surfaces and hands

The great thing about our cleaning cloths is their versatility. Whether hands, machine parts or table surfaces, oil, water or dirt – one or two motions and cleanliness reigns again. It is important that you reach for the right cloth when cleaning. For light soiling, you receive practical cleaning paper in our shop. In stubborn cases, it is best to choose one of the following options:

  • Industrial cleaning cloths in hybrid quality are suitable for wet wiping dirty surfaces, cleaning machine parts and tools as well as cleaning hands and machines of fats and oils.

  • Cleaning cloths in TAD quality are characterised by particularly high tear resistance and water absorption.

  • Cloths in fleece quality have the highest cleaning performance. They even absorb metal chips and can be used several times.

Especially for the leakage management, you get absorbent sheeting from kaiserkraft. You can find out what they are all about and why they are ideal for handling hazardous substances in our FAQ.

Cleaning cloths always ready – wall brackets and floor stands

No more searching: Wall brackets give cleaning paper rolls a fixed place. Our industrial cleaning paper dispenser sets combine mobile floor stands with a waste bag holder. This means even less walking and even more cleanliness.

To ensure that your employees have access to optimum equipment not only for stain removal, you will find a large selection of products for industrial cleaning and factory equipment at kaiserkraft. Let yourself be inspired now and get the most out of every workplace.

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