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Mirror, mirror, on the wall... we're not actually asking who the fairest of them all is, but rather, which one is the right one. Because once placed in the right spot, our traffic safety mirrors ensure a better overview and increased safety. Whether on the company premises or in the factory corridor, on traffic routes, entrances or tunnels.

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Traffic and safety mirrors: I can see what you can see too

Whether the coast is clear or a collision is imminent isn't always immediately apparent at gateways that are difficult to see, or in production areas teeming with activity. At least they are until security mirrors are put in place, which turns a game of chance into a well regulated affair – and this not only in outside spaces areas.

Are there regulations governing the use of traffic and safety mirrors?

Legislators don't quite seem to agree about when mirrors should be used for safety at work (and other areas). Interestingly, mirrors are not traffic signs as defined by the road traffic regulations. Austria is one exception to this. If the worst comes to pass, this point might be important when negotiating with the insurance company.

On the other hand, the health & safety executive (HSE) specify that


mirrors are clearly essential components of safe traffic routes – and intersections or junctions that are difficult to see find explicit mention in them.

However, the HSE also clearly states: safety mirrors alone aren't enough. Additional barriers and bollars are always necessary to draw attention to the potential for danger and accidents in a certain area.

Which traffic and safety mirrors are there?

By principle, you can recognise designated traffic mirrors at KAISER+KRAFT by the typical red and white safety marking, an eye-catching and attention-grabbing border. This has two functions: it arouses the attention and ensures that the person who sees the mirror – and therefore the danger zone – is aware of it. Furthermore, this marking shows that this mirror is one that shows the surroundings in a very specific way. This image varies according to product:

  • Different sizes and shapes allow differently sized areas to be shown. This ensures you can determine what the safety mirror should draw attention to, or to the area for which increased attentiveness is important. When doing so, it is important to choose the largest respective mirror possible, as a large mirror helps to depict the area properly, and thereby aids perception.

  • Different observation distances (in direct relation to size and shape) determine the installation point and the alignment of the traffic mirror. These details provide guidelines. If your observation point exceeds the specifications, then you'll always be able to see something in the mirror, just the image shown won't be as large.

Traffic mirrors optimised for universal indoor and outdoor use are also made of impact resistant and shatterproof material and are, due to the special bracket, resistant to wind speeds at hurricane strength (wind load certified). Furthermore, their function is not impaired in winter.

Which mirrors are suitable for winter?

Standard mirror glass doesn't stand a chance against low temperatures or major temperature fluctuations. This is why it is particularly unsuitable for our safety and traffic mirrors. You're much better off with shatterproof acrylic glass, stainless steel or Sekurit. This alone won't provide protection against misting or icing, however many of our mirrors are also equipped to deal with that. Either they feature thermoactive materials, or they can even be heated. Which model is the best choice for your location is something we're also happy to explain to you personally on the phone.

Which safety mirrors are there?

Traffic mirrors alone don't exhaust the range of reflective products available at KAISER+KRAFT, not by far. You'll also find numerous models here which increase visibility in a diverse range of situations and areas:

  • Smaller supervisory mirrors with a slight curvature for a better overview of conveyor belts, machines or air locks

  • Mirrors with an enlarging effect for supervising production lines

  • Panoramic mirrors for ceiling and wall mounting for an all-round view across one area or up to 360 degrees

  • Wide angle mirrors for a distortion free and sharp view of different work areas

  • Universal mirrors, with a slight curvature ideal for larger areas

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