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Pallet racking can withstand the heaviest of loads and are extremely robust. All the more astounding that they are also so flexible at the same time: they can be extended without problems and be configured exactly the way you – or your pallets – require. We'll be happy to plan your new pallet racking together with you – just get in touch!

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Warehouse pallet racking: the answer to the question of stacking

If you store goods on pallets, then there are many cases in which the question of space arises. After all, it is impossible to stack disposable or wooden pallets safely on top of each other when they have heavy loads. Pallet racking units solve this problem.

What are pallet racking units particularly suitable for, and how are they set up?

Typical pallet racking is particularly sturdy, stable and able to hold fully loaded Euro pallets. The special supports and the sturdy upright frames make this possible.

You can assemble these modular shelving systems and position them to cater to your requirements, for example on disposable pallets and other types of pallets as well. In this case, you store the respective pallets next to each other on the same level. This is why these shelving units are particularly suitable for storing the different products on pallets in a well-sorted manner and in well-organised quantities.

If you would like to store large quantities of goods on pallets expediently, pallet racking into which the pallet can be driven is recommended. In this case, each level allows several pallets to be stored one behind another. Despite its high storage capacity, this storage shelf unit only requires a modest amount of floor space.

A highly individual way of implementing the different storage options for wooden and disposable pallets on a specific floor plan is shown in the example provided by the Vishay project.

What regulations apply for safeguards at and around pallet racking?

Apart from the guidelines and regulations for the use of rack feeders and for equipping storage facilities, the requisite crash protection and collision protection devices for pallet racking units, in particular for any drive-in shelving units, should not be forgotten. After all, it's mandatory.

Pallet racking is subject to inspections – how often and by whom?

According to the Occupational Safety Directive (BetrSichV), every permanently installed shelving unit, and therefore pallet racking, must be carefully inspected once a year in accordance with EN 15635. This also appears in DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) rule 108-007. In addition, weekly visual inspections are specified as well.

As is the case for many inspections, this must be assigned to a qualified person. This person must have proved their competence in dealing with storage facilities and the shelving units – ideally, for several years. In addition, the inspector must be familiar with the current requirements and technical innovations and be able to clearly identify any defects.

You can also obtain more information about our range of shelving units, wooden pallets and other products to use for storage in person.

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