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Are you looking for a sturdy aluminium box or wooden crate to use for transport? Then you’re sure to find that we have the right crate. Whether you are looking for wooden crates with covers, robust aluminium crates or particularly strong crates for transporting hazardous goods – we will keep you perfectly equipped for all situations! In accordance with the IPPC standard (ISPM15), every wooden crate can be used as freight and as export packaging for worldwide shipments. They consist of 3 parts and are quick and easy to assemble without nails. If you need a sturdy universal crate for transport or storage, we recommend an aluminium box, which you can obtain from us in various sizes.

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Safe transport using wooden crates or aluminium boxes

When you use a wooden crate or aluminium box from our range, you can send your goods on their journey with peace of mind. Whether being transported by land, sea or air: a wooden crate masters all challenges. Frequent loading, changes in climate and heavy loads make virtually no mark on a wooden crate from kaiserkraft, as the creates are made of 6 mm thick birch plywood. The wooden boxes are characterised by their reliable stability and resistance to damage. They are ideal for transporting bulky items that require special protection. You can also find appropriately certified hazardous goods crates for dangerous goods and substances in our online shop. This special type of wooden crate is approved for transport by land, sea and air.

The top export: standard IPPC wooden crates for successful transport

Our crates made of high quality birch plywood have many benefits when use as shipping crates. The natural material adapts to different weather conditions. It is therefore particularly suitable for overseas transport. At the same time, it is significantly lighter in weight than solid wood, and therefore saves transport costs. In addition, our wooden crates made of plywood all comply with the IPPC standard ISPM 15, which is why they can be used for worldwide shipments without any problems. To ensure that your wooden crate is securely strapped in place during transport, we recommend the use of tension straps. Our wooden crates are available in different sizes that are based on the standardised sizes that pallets come in. Zinc plated steel profiles on the edges provide increased stability. The collapsible models are particularly practical. They are space saving to store and can be erected in a matter of minutes when required. A wooden crate with a cover can be locked using suitable accessories, which protects the contents from unauthorised access.

Flexible and collapsible: plywood crates

You will be in for a surprise when you receive our collapsible wooden crates: the practical collapsible boxes take up barely any space, which is why it is convenient to keep several of these boxes in storage. The pre-installed components also save you time, as it only takes four minutes to assemble these crates.

The sturdy crates are made of birch plywood, which saves you a lot on transport costs, as the material used is 50% lighter than solid wood. A wall thickness of 6 mm, stabilising steel strips and aluminium zinc locks ensure that your goods arrive safely at the recipient’s premises, even after a long journey. Because they are compliant with the IPPC standard, the wooden crates are, of course, also suitable for use as export packaging all over the world. You can also find a large range of suitable pallets for transport and shipping in our range.

The fast one: wooden crate with a lockable cover

The crates consist of a folding frame, cover and base. You can quickly seal the crate shut in a maximum of three minutes using the clasps provide. We can supply these wooden crates in different sizes (suitable for small containers, Euro pallets and industrial pallets). From machine parts to antiques, any bulky goods up to 1 m³ can be packed to keep them protected from impacts. Do you primarily export hazardous goods? You can obtain the corresponding UN I, II and III authorisation upon request. For easy transport, we also offer wooden shipping crates with solid, treated wood runners.

Safe transport of goods using aluminium boxes

Along with the classic wooden crate, an aluminium box represents a great alternative for packing goods securely. The high quality aluminium boxes with a wall thickness of 1 mm are ideal for transporting or storing valuable goods and equipment. The seal on the cover ensures the contents of the aluminium box are protected from dust and splash water. Stainless steel hinges, heavy duty cover retaining straps and stiffening beads ensure the aluminium transport boxes exhibit a high load bearing capacity and stability. The profile frame and stacking corners allow the boxes to be stacked on top of each other precisely and securely. The aluminium boxes are equipped with ergonomic spring loaded handles that can withstand heavy loads and allow even heavy contents to be transported with ease.

Lockable: aluminium boxes

Aluminium boxes are suitable for transport within the company, shipments, and for storing particularly valuable goods or confidential documents, as these containers can be secured using an integrated lock or padlock, and even with seals. We offer aluminium boxes in several sizes.

Useful accessories for wooden crates and aluminium boxes

If you would like to purchase aluminium boxes or wooden crates, you will find the right accessories here. The wooden crate tool makes it easy to open and close any crate. You will also find other products for aluminium boxes such as castors or matching lock sets. Our tip for exports: Euro pallets are also ideal for international shipments.

Our webshop offers a range of collapsible, space saving and easy to erect wooden crates with reinforcing steel profiles at particularly attractive prices. Order your sturdy wooden crates and aluminium boxes for shipments, as well as packaging material to fill, cushion and protect your goods. Allow yourself to be convinced by our wide range of products.

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