VERA ZWO: office furniture series for clever calculators

A uniform overall impression adds a sense of calm to the atmosphere in the office – and creates a work-friendly office environment. The stylish VERA ZWO office furniture series makes furnishing your office easy. It will also be good for your budget.

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What are the benefits of the VERA ZWO office furniture series?

Long searches, complicated colour coordination processes? We make furnishing the office easy for you. We offer office furniture series for every budget and every requirement. VERA ZWO is a component of the basic series and offers the key items of office furniture at an outstanding price. VERA ZWO focuses on functionality and an attractive appearance. High quality materials, an appealing range of finishes and robust workmanship have been combined to produce a range of furniture models that has been kept deliberately small. VERA ZWO places a focus on mobile drawer units, desks, filing cabinets and shelf units, while also factoring in the comfort expected of today’s workplaces. As a basic series, VERA ZWO also features height adjustable desks or lockable filing cabinets, and is suitable for start-ups and small offices where work needs to start as quickly as possible, and which place great value on above-average material thicknesses and stability. VERA ZWO furnishings are characterised by a small footprint, which allows them to make perfect use of the floor plan.

How do I create a coherent office space with VERA ZWO?

VERA ZWO offers you basic office furniture in three classic surface finishes. A warm maple finish in particular makes single and double workplace offices look inviting. Unobtrusive light grey suits open-plan offices. VERA ZWO office furniture in white makes small rooms or unusual floor plans seem larger and more airy. In any office – whether an open-plan one or one for two individuals – you can always rely on a uniform design. If you also equip each workplace with the same standard products, you will make the atmosphere in the office seem even calmer. The right desk and a matching mobile drawer unit are usually the most important items. You can supplement this basic office concept with VERA ZWO furnishings according to the space available and the space requirements. Observe the legal requirements for the dimensions for ergonomic workstations.

Discover our office furniture series from VERA ZWO to Multi. Allow us to tell your about our planning service for a complete range of office equipment!