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Clean hands are not up for negotiation – everyone knows this by now. However, caring for your hands is just as important. That’s why today’s soaps and lotions are much more than single-action cleansers. We stock soaps and hand disinfectants for industrial washroom equipment from renowned manufacturers, ones which nourish the skin and are environmentally friendly.

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Soaps and creams: hygienic hand washing with extra skincare

Oils, greases, dirt or simply the residue left over from a day’s work: in industry and trades, soaps and creams need to have a more powerful effect than the ones you use in your bathroom at home. You’ll find we have cleansers, hand soap and liquid soaps for sparkling clean hands and well nourished skin for use in washrooms and WCs.

What characterises liquid soaps and cream soaps for industry use?

The range of soaps for professional washroom equipment is large, but easy to categorise: liquid soaps, foaming soaps and hand cleansers are each tailored to specific areas of use, levels of soiling and skincare requirements:

  • Abrasive soaps and hand soaps contain solvents or microgranules that remove the heaviest of dirt. They are particularly suitable for workshops and industrial production.

  • Replenishing foaming soaps or liquid soaps protect the skin despite frequent hand washing – especially in colder working environments.

  • Hygienic foaming soaps or antibacterial liquid soaps reduce contamination with pathogens in hygienically sensitive work areas, from the care industry to industrial-scale kitchens.

  • Sunscreen and barrier creams are an important part of skincare after washing your hands for all extreme work environments or outdoor work.

  • Hand washing lotions and liquid soaps ensure hands are clean in offices, administration, customer WCs, etc.

To guarantee easy and hygienic dispensing and to increase the yield, cream soaps are optimised for soap dispensers.

In addition to standard Euronorm bottles for use with multiple brands, there are also modular soap dispenser systems and refill options for specific brands. The advantage? These soaps for soap dispensers can be dispensed even more precisely, and you will benefit from non-contact dispensing, for example.

How do I find the right soap for soap dispensers for different areas of the company?

As aggressive as necessary, as nourishing as possible: even though washing hands increases the level of hygiene in the office and throughout the company, it stresses your skin. To cater to different needs – especially when it comes to the susceptibility to allergies – pH-neutral soaps without fragrances are always a good choice.

The more intensive the cleaning results provided by the soaps, the more important it is to provide skincare products to nourish the skin. To guarantee optimal hygiene in this context as well, these skincare products should also be provided in dispensers.

Don’t wait to raise your hand if you have any questions about our foam soaps and hand cleansers – feel free to contact us. We have put together a guide to hygiene measures in the office and at work to give you even more tips on staying healthy at work. Take a look!