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Of course, you design every workplace systematically – otherwise you wouldn’t be able to produce, repair or create anything. But workstation systems think things through to their logical conclusion – this being your future success!

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Workstation systems for industry and business: welcome to your dream job!

Life isn’t a variety show – but a good workstation is. Workstation systems offer maximum adaptability and individualisation options. Find workbenches and work tables that cater perfectly to your requirements, and make every working day a day at your dream job. Working is not, however, just about making dreams come true; it’s also about health. After all, an ergonomic workplace means that the workstation optimally adapts to the needs of the user and that the employee’s health is never put at risk (e.g. due to bad posture or poor lighting), even if the work remains monotonous for an extended period of time.

What distinguishes a workstation system from a standard work table?

Workstation systems are adaptable workbenches and work tables that are straightforward to extend, repurpose, rearrange or optimise. This is best done using, for example, swivel arms, storage compartments, shelves or perforated panels. All the materials you require are therefore within your field of vision and within easy reach. Other additional features include workplace lamps for optimal lighting conditions on the work surface.

Sleek work tables with a height adjustment mechanism, table trolleys or modular basic tables can be joined together in no time at all to create a workshop or production workstation where you can work more quickly and more ergonomically.

If the product or process changes, these workplace systems are easy to optimise for new processes right away, without requiring long periods of downtime. This makes workstation systems the ideal furniture to cater to the dynamics, change and digitalisation that define work in industry and trade today.

We stock workstation systems for industry made by a range of manufacturers, and assembling these systems is straightforward and fast.

What do workstation systems have to do? The right working height is key!

In addition to flexible processes, employee health is a key aspect of workstation systems. Height adjustment mechanisms have become one of the most important features in furniture design overall – whether for work tables, work chairs or even transport equipment and trolleys. The common thread when it comes to making your choice: the employee should be able to perform every activity with an ergonomic and appropriate posture.

The correct working height is usually elbow height, or slightly lower. A table set up too high often causes pain in the neck and shoulder area. A table set up too low causes back pain. Electrically height adjustable work tables make fast and straightforward adjustment of the working height possible to suit different tasks and different users.

This credo for employee health is not, in itself, a means to an end: ergonomic production and work stations reduce sick leave and healthcare expensive, increase productivity and ensure greater efficiency.

Anti-fatigue mats for standing workstations

Working while standing for long periods of time places an excessive strain on the spine and also causes fatigue – concentration starts to wane, resulting in more errors. Our anti-fatigue mats provide the remedy. They reduce pressure on the feet, joints and spine and help improve circulation. They are suitable for workplaces where no swivel chair is in use. We also offer appropriate solutions for ESD workplaces!

Where are workstation systems required in industry and in the workshop?

Our high quality workstation systems are suitable for use throughout the entire company – in fact, wherever more than one task needs to be completed with a single hand motion. That’s why our work tables function as a:

  1. Workbench and work table

  2. Packing table and order picking station

  3. Instant laboratory for immediate quality assurance

  4. Production line

  5. Individual workstation or assembly line

Workstation systems as ESD workplaces

Do you need to protect valuable components from the risk presented by an electrostatic charge? Then you should equip yourself with an ESD workstation. We offer everything from standard tables with volume conductive worktops through to complete systems in which all steel parts are coated with semi-conductive paint and feature built-in earthing devices such as earth cables, wrist straps etc.

How do I implement individualised solutions using workstation systems?

Our best advice is: castors should be fitted to everything that isn’t a work desk. Mobile drawer units, tool trolleys, industrial stools and other items of furniture are part and parcel of the workplace system. Accessories such as swivel arms for tablet and monitor holders also increase flexibility.

The answer to the most important questions when it comes to procurement can be found by looking at your current operations and manufacturing processes, as well as the people who carry them out. Be sure to ask about their needs and wants, and conduct a detailed analysis of the current situation in the production or manufacturing area. These insights will tell you how to optimise your processes, where there are sticking points, and where it is better to leave the system exactly as it is.

In principle, you should gradually start replacing all rigid, old and unergonomic workstations with modern workstation systems. Even if the initial investment seems high, the changes will pay greater dividends over the medium to long term. We will be happy to calculate the costs for you personally – please contact us!