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You'll want to integrate crane trolleys into your everyday work in production and storage due to their sleekness and agility. After all, clamping mechanisms and crane trolleys allow you to lift and move workpieces safely and without disruptions.

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Beam Clamps and travel trolleys – attach hoists and loads flexibly

It's always when you need an attachment point the most that one doesn't seem to be available. However, the right clamping mechanisms will allow your employees to react flexibly. Whether during assembly or for spontaneous repair jobs, you only need to attach the clamp to a beam in order to move hoists and lifting devices to the place you need to use them. Crane trolleys are ideal to move heavy loads from left to right without expending all your energy.

Which different types of clamping mechanisms are there?

Our clamping mechanisms made of sturdy and durable steel are available with and without rollers. Flexible clamping ranges ensure you can attach them to beams with different dimensions in just a few steps. The clamp is just as fast to remove again. The load-bearing capacity and weight differ according to the model. They provide a practical and safe solution for urgent tasks in changing locations.

What are crane trolleys used for?

Whenever you not only need to move loads up and down but also from side to side, then crane trolleys are the equipment you need. Equipped with track trolleys or geared trolleys, they move in the chosen direction together with the load as soon as a user pulls on the hand chain – they are smooth running and make no noise. Crane trolleys are also versatile and compact and feature a high load-bearing capacity. Just like girder clamps, they can be adjusted for different beam widths and are fast to remove when no longer required.

Which clamps are available for connecting a load and hoist?

Clamps provide valuable services not just between a lifting device and beam, but also for connecting a lifting device and load. kaiserkraft has, for example, carrier clamps for gently lifting thin-walled loads such as sheet metal. They are particularly useful when other lifting devices aren't really suitable. Depending on the design of the clamp, they can be attached vertically or horizontally. Horizontal clamps are used in a double pack on both sides of the load.

Moreover, you can also find suitable lifting devices such as cable winches, chain hoists and block and tackle units, or cranes in different versions in our shop. We're happy to provide more detailed information.

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