Large, small, hexagon socket, Torx – when it comes to screws, you never know what to expect. But there's no need to carry a case full of screwdrivers. After all, there is our range of bits. So your employees are equipped for every kind of screw.

In the category Bits we offer you products of the following brands: KS Tools.

Bits – for maximum flexibility when doing screw work

One tool for everything is a dream of the future. But one screwdriver for (almost) all screws is already possible today. Get the right bits from our shop. Preferably in a compact set. And take a big step towards the future.

How it fits together

A bit set is ideal for basic equipment. Depending on the model, it also contains the right screwdriver or ring spanner or a ratchet and sockets. Do you like things to be quick and convenient? All our bits are suitable for use with electric screwdrivers. Whether you turn them yourself or have them turned, in either case there is one for (almost) everything, just as we promised.

We also make no compromises when it comes to materials. Whether special tool steel, stainless steel for screws in outdoor areas or titanium-nitrided for high permanent loads for series screw connections: It's entirely up to you.

A few words on caring for bits

Good bits are undemanding and easy to clean. But if rust does form, you can get rid of it quickly without chemicals. Simply apply a little oil and vinegar to the bits in a ratio of 1:1. Alternatively, you can use citric acid. Everything will soon shine again. This is important to prevent bits from transferring rust to screws.

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