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With suitable plant plots you can not only make your entrance area prettier but also separate areas from each other. Be inspired by our suggestions!

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    Plant pots: green decoration makes an even better impression!

    When it comes to prestigious corporate areas, you can happily draw on the full potential of decoration. And that means: Place expansive green and flowering plants in large planters, rely on bright colours or unusual leaf shapes and make a positive impression with minimal effort. Plant pots also make a good impression in the outdoor areas of your company grounds. Simply stand them next to a seating bench and your employees will soon feel relaxed.

    What containers are suitable for which plants?

    There are plants whose roots grow deep down below, while others spread out under the soil. This is an indication of what the dimensions of the planting trough should be. It also makes little sense to have too many plants in a small space, as all greenery needs enough space to thrive and enough soil to absorb nutrients.

    From a visual aspect, the interaction between plants and size of the plant containers should also work. High, slender plants or flowers need a rather narrow, higher flower tub. Low plants love being in cuboid pots.

    When it comes to the style of weatherproof surface, the adage ''birds of a feather stick together'' applies. Tough, modern plants look their best in equally minimalist plant pots while romantic flowers can be complemented by plant pots with a ''garden fence'' look. This achieves optimum results.

    Which is better: planters with or without castors?

    From a practical point of view, plant pots on castors have taken top position. They do not need transport dollies to move them and can, for example, bring exotic plants into the warmth before winter in no time at all.

    Mobile flower boxes are also beneficial on terraces, in customer areas or in cafeterias because you can use them to separate different areas, set up privacy trellises or redecorate spaces in just a few steps.

    On the other hand, flower pots without castors are always the better choice where the impression should be particularly attractive, high-quality and prestigious. Because castors also always suggest something fleeting, sometimes provisional. This should not be the case for the external effect at the main entrance or in the most important company areas.

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