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The most important element of your washroom equipment? Probably paper towels. Because that’s how to make a clean job of hygiene in the company. Our paper towels are absorbent, tear resistant and hygienic. We also stock folding towels, paper rolls and paper wipes – and everything else you need for your washroom in industry and commerce.

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Paper towels: dry hands, dry surfaces, dry everything

If every employee can use a new, clean towel every time they go to the sink or the disinfection station, then it’s not a luxury, but rather a hygiene rule. Cloth towels would make it difficult to comply with these guidelines. Paper towels, on the other hand, make compliance with regulations a cinch. What’s more, you can use these towels to absorb liquids and clean objects quickly and easily. Here in our online shop, you will find paper towels from the brands CWS, Kimberly-Clark and TORK.

What is the difference between different types of towel paper?

Even as rolls of kitchen paper, paper towels can be used both drying hands and wiping things down. Rolls of paper towels or folded towels for use in paper towel dispensers are extremely useful not only as washroom equipment, but also when setting up disinfection stations, or when kept in stock on cleaning trolleys, etc. The way the paper towels are packaged determines how the paper towels are used – because rolls and folded towels each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of folded towels

  • They are considered standard hygiene equipment for many sensitive areas

  • They are only ever touched one at a time due to interfold or zig-zag folds

  • Dispensers are very compact and easy to fill

  • They can be kept at hand in an emergency even without a dispenser

Disadvantages of folded towels

  • Dispensers become jammed if the wrong format is used or they are overfilled

  • Dispensers need to be refilled more often

  • People tend not to use the entire folded towel, and by not unfolding it, more paper is used than necessary

Advantages of paper rolls

  • More hands can be dried with a roll of paper towels than a folded towel refill

  • They save storage space and replacement costs

  • The paper towel is always used fully unfolded

  • Many users find them to be softer

  • There is a wider selection of qualities and number of layers

Disadvantages of paper rolls

  • The corresponding dispensers are significantly larger

  • The fill level must be checked often

  • Refilling is only worthwhile when the roll has been used up

Which is better: paper towels or cloth towels?

From the perspective of hygienic alone, cloth towels are out of the question, unless they are provided for single use, placed in a waste basket, then washed straight away to kill germs before being placed in storage. This may be the case in top restaurants, but in any other business it is not worth the effort.

With which type of waste should paper towels be disposed of?

Paper towels should be placed in recyclable waste collectors or the paper bin? Far from it! To start with, wet strength paper is unsuitable for processing as paper waste, and secondly, it may be contaminated with various cleaning agents, disinfectants, etc. This is why towel paper always ends up with residual waste.

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