Load securing nets

Load securing nets keep your goods safely stowed during transport. Whether you need to secure large pallets or small individual parts, you will find everything you need here!

Load securing net: Ensuring nothing slips

The figures speak for themselves: If every load were protected from slipping by a safety net or cargo net, the global economy could avoid damages running into the billions every year. It is best to start with your company balance sheet and reduce the damage rate by simply using a load securing net.

What is a securing net required for?

Depending on the mesh and net size, a load securing net is suitable for practically all bulk goods and pallets that are to be transported by land, sea or air. Thanks to their high flexibility and tear resistance, they adapt perfectly to the load. Transport nets are also used as vertical partitions to secure the load from sliding into the cab or other areas.

The size, weight and shape of the load determine the type of net selected – as does the type of transport. On farms, trailer nets are widespread, while transport nets are generally the most flexible option.

Just make sure that the resilience of the material also increases with increasing load weight and when securing sharp-edged products, and do not forget to order corresponding fastening accessories.

What standards and regulations does the load securing net comply with?

The obligation to secure each load during transport by all sorts of means of transport is defined in §22 of the Road Traffic Regulations. Accordingly, a transport net or cargo net must always be fastened in such a way that the cargo cannot ''slip, fall over, roll back and forth, fall down or generate avoidable noise'', even in the event of braking in an emergency or any other sudden movement.

According to §23, the driver is also obliged, before starting the journey, to ensure that the transport net can fulfil these obligations in all cases. Lashing points for load securing and product suitability are defined in ISO 27955 and 27956. It is also important that you observe VDI guidelines 2700ff.

You are also welcome to ask us any other questions about our products for load securing in person.

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