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This is why we need Work gloves & safety gloves: because your hands are important! These gloves will make things as comfortable and practical for you as possible.

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Work safety gloves – get a perfect grip on safety

It doesn't matter which jobs you'll be doing: your hands are your most important item of work equipment and deserve the very best protection. You'll find the right pair of work gloves, heat resistant gloves and cut protection gloves at {cms.var.company_name }for all conceivable combinations of potential risks and protection required.

Are there specific gloves for specific jobs?

Of course! When it comes to occupational safety, lawmakers have defined exact criteria on which work gloves are suitable for which type of work. Orientation for the product range available from kaiserkraft is essentially provided by the pictograms that you'll find next to every product:

  • Only work gloves that provide protection from mechanical risk are allowed to be endorsed with the EN 388 emblem. The numbers below it indicate how high the level of protection is. When read from left to right, they describe the level of puncture resistance and additional tear resistance, as well as cut resistance and resistance to wear. The higher the number, the greater the protection.

  • The standard EN 511 addresses frost protection. The three respective numbers also provide you with orientation on the resistance to convective cold and contact cold, and the level of water resistance.

  • The same orientation is provided by EN 407, with a flame symbol to indicate the level of protection from heat.

  • The EN 374 emblem is decisive for work with chemicals and liquids of all types, whereby the biohazard symbol must be used to identify hazardous substances.

Work protective gloves and Safety globes: Which materials are there and what are they suitable for?

When it comes to occupational safety and the choice of material, then minimising risks is only one aspect that is important to consider. After all, a good pair of work gloves should also ensure that your employees find them comfortable to wear, have a good grip and a precise sense of touch, allowing them to attend to the work they have to do.

This is why actively breathable, knitted nylon gloves, for example, are so popular for work being done in the warehouse, in assembly and in landscaping. Special anti slip coatings add a better grip to tools or goods for transport without compromising the sense of touch or how comfortable they are to wear.

Work gloves made of leather strike an ideal balance between providing a high level of mechanical protection and a good sense of touch. Leather adapts to the contours of the hands well, and despite the protection they provide, they are actively breathing. This is why mechanics will often find exactly the right product among these gloves when searching for something that gives them the precision they need.

Liquids, chemicals and other hazardous and caustic substances demand absolute resistance to water. In this case, you have the choice between different types of plastic, whereby we recommend factoring in any allergies your employees might have.

Everything else that is decisive for choosing the right pair of gloves is something we're happy to explain to you in person.

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