You’ve nailed it! Make sure your work hits the spot! We have hammers for every nail and every material. A soft one, or one that lets you use more force? Narrow or wide? We have them!

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Our hammers hit the nail on the head!

The right weight, optimum shape of the head, and exactly the right choice of materials – that’s all you need for a good hammer. Or is it? Our range of professional quality tools exhibits subtle differences – and proves just how versatile hammers are.

Which hammers do I need?

Not every hammer needs to be included in every toolbox – unless it’s a classic fitters’ hammer. After all, this impact tool with a steel head is ideal for nails or dowels and is a true all rounder.

The rubber mallet and soft face hammer apply exactly the right amount of force. The flexible materials used to make the heads leave no pressure marks, do not recoil, and are designed for soft materials. The mallet is the perfect complement to chisels or other tools that you use to give wood an attractive shape. You need a bricklayer’s hammer to hammer stones precisely into shape. After all, this job requires a high quality, sharpened edge. A roofing hammer is part of every carpenter’s basic tool kit. Not only do you use it to hammer in nails, the typical claw they feature makes it easy to remove them.

We also offer club hammers for use with chisels and powerful sledgehammers for heavy duty hammering.

What shapes are hammers available in?

Fitters’ hammers for nails, dowels and hammering by hand are available with different heads:

The rounded, English form turns a fitters’ hammer into an engineers’ hammer. You can use it to strike precisely – even on small surfaces.

The French form is characterised by a square face with a recessed hammer pein. The narrow side is suitable for striking small areas, while the wide side delivers more force. The French form is indispensable as a carpenters’ hammer, especially in the woodworking industry.

The American form with a pronounced pein is the right choice for driving in and riveting. And the German form? As a balanced interplay of hammer head, track and tiller, it is suitable for versatile use.

What material and weight should your hammer feature?

Have you now decided on a type of hammer? Then it’s time to select the face widths, lengths and hammer head weights. We offer you any number of possible combinations here.

When it comes to the material that the head and handle are made of, our range of hand tools is as multifaceted as your construction project. Do you need help making your selection? Let us advise you!