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Discuss an issue on the fly, relieve the strain on your spine, or have space saving seating ready for customers and guests? Office stools and anti-fatigue stools can do all that – and more too.

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Ergonomic office stools and anti-fatigue stools: lean back? We have a better idea!

Lean back and relax – what’s wrong with that? Nothing, in principle. Yet more and more office workers are swapping their classic chair for ergonomic office stools. That’s not only a clever thing to do, but good for their health, as well.

For which purpose are office stools needed?

In principle, an office stool is a seat without a back rest that trains your spine with clever functions: known as flexible office furniture, it encourages the user to remain in motion while sitting. We have office stools with or without a back rest, with or without a height adjustment mechanism, with or without castors, as well as swivel stools and fixed stools or even folding stools and, of course, anti-fatigue stools.

Upholstered seats or ergonomically shaped seat surfaces ensure that you never assume an inflexible, unmoving posture while working. Rotating and infinitely height adjustable frames, castors and, last but not least, the lack of a back rest ensure maximum mobility – despite minimal movement.

What are the differences between types of office stools?

kaiserkraft stocks office stools with a wide variety of key functions. Stools on castors with an upholstered surface are all rounders for secondary workplaces in the office. They also function as seating for visitors.

At doctors’ practices, in sales rooms involving consultations, or in other trades where you need to sit while remaining mobile at the same time, stools with hygienic covers are the right choice.

Fixed office stools with gas lift height adjustment are a practical alternative to the classic office chair. They can, for example, make both your spine and head more agile during meetings, save space in a small office, or be used as furnishings for a customer area.

Anti-fatigue stools are not, strictly speaking, stools at all – despite their name. However, they can relieve strain on the body when standing upright – for example, if you’d like to briefly relax your legs at a standing work table or a height adjustable desk. Because the body remains upright while seated, they also have ergonomic benefits.

In addition, we offer a wide variety of ergonomic designs with convex and rocker functions. They are a more compact and stable alternative to a Swiss ball – and provide all its advantages without any of the drawbacks.

The visuals play a role as well. Attractive and appealing stools are a popular alternative in cafeterias or customer areas where people tend only to stay for a short time. Designer stools in contemporary styles also add some variety to your office furnishings.

You can find out how to offer your employees only the very best office chairs in the guide to ''healthy sitting'', among other things. If you’re planning a project to design new office space, we will, of course, also be more than happy to help you with your selection of practical office stools and office chairs. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!