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You don't get a second chance to make a first impression: The external space at your company is your calling card. Organise it using high quality product ideas for outside areas and leave a lasting impression on visitors and customers. And do your employees a favour by providing practical bicycle racks and shelters.
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Outside areas – your company's calling card

You only get one chance to make a good impression – and this includes your company premises. With attentively maintained Outside areas, you are ensuring that visitors, customers and partners will think highly of your company. And well appointed outside common areas have huge importance for employees as well.

What does the configuration of outside areas involve?

All areas of your company premises that are located outsides. This starts with access paths leading to buildings and ends with an inviting area for employees to take a break or smoke a cigarette.

There are many different areas in which a dedication to well-maintained outdoor equipment is worthwhile:

  1. Parking spots for all different means of transport – from cars to bicycles

  2. Areas for storing and collecting waste or raw materials and resources

  3. Transit routes between different buildings

  4. Representative areas, for example in front of the main entrance

In all these (and other) areas, cleanliness is of paramount importance. Only then do other aspects of configuration follow.

Why are well-maintained outside spaces and areas so important?

The visual impression made by your outdoor areas has an impact on your corporate image. Furthermore, factors such as orientation, safety and functionality also play a role.

While a traffic mirror for transport areas on the company grounds which are difficult to view might not be a visual highlight, it is an essential item of equipment. Smoking shelters clearly delineate the smoking area and also provide orientation, while flag poles primarily serve representative purposes.

Last but not least, each design element sends out clear signals. Open air areas that have been designed attractively can be used by your employees to relax in, and therefore improve the overall atmosphere at the company. Clearly marked and well structured paths, and products made of high quality materials, such as ashtrays, make customers feel that you are welcoming their visit.

Well-maintained outdoor areas always involve a sophisticated interplay between form, function and placement. And we're happy to help with you with this too!

Which factors play the most important role when configuring outside spaces and areas?

In principle, each area needs to satisfy requirements in relation to appearance, safety and functionality. Depending on which outdoor area the focus is on, these factors may be weighted differently. Here's few examples:

  • The reception area: this area is all about representation, orientation and a feeling of being welcome. You can implement this with the right branding, plenty of waste bins, good seating and the requisite guidance systems featuring signs and directories.

  • Traffic routes and connecting paths: the safe coexistence of pedestrians, motor vehicles and heavy machinery needs to be guaranteed at all times. This can be done using clear lane markings and guidance and barrier systems.

  • Collection points and storage areas: a clear visual delimitation to other areas of the company premises and how these areas are secured determines their design.

Which regulations apply when configuring outside spaces and areas?

In essence, you need to make sure to implement the Road Traffic Act and provisions surrounding hazardous goods storage. It's best to regularly consult all the relevant operating regulations before putting your design measures into practice.

How can we help you with the configuration of your outside spaces and areas?

We have compiled an extensive product overview with many tips for outdoor areas for you. And of course you will also find numerous products to make configuration easier for you. These include, for example, info panels to give visitors, employees and customers orientation. Or (very important) bicycle racks and shelters. We've also thought of all the details, such as letter boxes. After all, this is how you, as a company, demonstrate your commitment to quality.

Our purchasing guides are, by the way, the first thing you should turn to with your questions concerning the products that play such an important role for outside areas – such as the one of the topic of ashtrays and waste collectors. Furthermore, we are there for you in person any time you need us – just give us a call, or use one of the other contact options that we provide.

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