Industrial stairways

Industrial stairs are real all rounders: they provide a comfortable ascent while also ensuring safe access to doors, flat roofs, machines and other places you need to reach. And wherever tools are being used, industrial stairs provide sufficient stepping and standing space. Intermediate sizes and custom designs are available on request – simply contact us!

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Industrial stairs – step-by-step safety.

Industrial stairs are an important element for uninterrupted work processes at many companies. Cleaning, maintenance and repair work on buildings or machines can only be completed when there is safe access. Stair bridge steps also allow shorter paths to be set up, because employees can simply walk over the equipment instead of around it.

Step ladders and industrial steps that make access to, or crossing over to, a second level or a machine possible are covered by the DIN EN ISO 14122 standard. Industrial steps are not suitable for residential purposes in accordance with DIN 18065.

What makes industrial stairs safe?

The relevant technical rules for industrial stairs ensure that your employees are safe every step of the way when out on work assignments. The following points result from DIN EN ISO 14122, and should be observed when choosing your next stairs or bridge steps:

  • Industrial steps are often made with an angle of inclination of 45 degrees. Step ladders that are used to access machines can, however, feature an angle of inclination greater than 45 degrees and up to 75 degrees. However, we recommended remaining below 60 degrees.

  • Industrial steps with a step height of more than 500 mm and a side gap next to the stair stringer which is more than 120 mm wide must have a minimum of one handrail on this side. If the tread width is more than 1200 mm, there must be handrail on both sides. By principle, two railings are safer. Additional handrails can be found next to products under ''Accessories / Spare parts''.

  • Steps need to be made to allow fluids to run off, which is ensured by ribbing, profiles or perforated profiles according to the area of use.

  • The surface of the stair steps must be anti-slip.

Which industrial stairs can we offer you?

Industrial steps and all other ladders and scaffolding from our shop are subject to strict quality assurance processes and safety inspections. Our products satisfy all applicable standards.

We have crossover platforms and industrial steps made of steel and aluminium for indoors and outdoors. Simply click on the product of your choice and filter by the required height, number of steps, reach or weight. Suitable combinations are then automatically marked in colour. If you require intermediate sizes or complete custom designs, then please call us. Our employees in the service division are happy to try and procure the right model for you.

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