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Packages, piles of files, heavy goods and machinery – who is responsible for transporting objects like these where you work? A transport dolly from KAISER+KRAFT – at least we hope so. And if not: it's high time you got one. You'll then have a flexible, stable transport aid at hand. And for particularly heavy going, there's also the transport dollies with a electronic module.
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133 items found
Transport trolleys with a table platform
Dollies can be used for all sorts of different purposes and still always serve one key purpose: transporting objects from one place to another. The materials used to make the dollies or platform trolleys, along with their load bearing capacity, can vary. The practical transport dollies are available for both heavy loads and for standard loads. Platforms trolleys are excellently suited for simplifying internal company transport of goods, crates and bins. When chosen for the type of objects for transport, these transport aids are therefore equipped with different loading capacities to allow particularly heavy objects to be moved without exerting too much force. Along with the load bearing capacity, the size of the platform also varies, and can be chosen as required. Transport equipment and trolleys provide a valuable service in warehouses and sales rooms, but can also provide a convenient aid for customers when shopping. Whether as a shopping trolley, beverage trolley or as company equipment – dollies are needed everywhere that objects have to be moved.

Design of dollies
From straightforward, small folding platform trolleys to heavy platform trucks, the transport equipment and trolleys from KAISER+KRAFT offer a large range of different versions. Variable platforms and robust and durable materials vouch for the high quality of the dollies. A push handles with an anti-static coating to provide a secure grip ensures that the transport dollies can be moved without problems. An additional end panel featured by a number of models of the transport dollies from KAISER+KRAFT allows goods of all types to be transported reliably. Of course, the platform trucks also impress with their high loading capacity. Models with height adjustable platforms ensure work can be done ergonomically. Thermoplastic rubber tyres ensure a smooth run, even on uneven floors. Swivel castors and braked castors guarantee that the trolley remains easy to steer and stop even with a heavy load. Thanks to an all-round edge protection strip, the sturdy constructions are made even more stable, and prevent damage from occurring in the event of a crash. An anti-slip coating on the platform secures the load and prevents it from slipping or the loaded items from being lost.


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