Air conditioners

No matter how hot it is outside, your employees will be able to keep a clear head. Our air conditioners will make sure of that: split air conditioners, mobile air conditioners and evaporative coolers.

In the category Air conditioners we offer you products of the following brands: Master, TCL.

Air conditioners – no more build-up of heat

Staying cool is, at times, more easily said than done. When hot air builds up at the workplace, the body and mind soon fatigue. Our

air conditioners

prevent this from happening.

An alternative to a fan

The key difference between

an air conditioner

and a fan:

an air conditioner

lowers the temperature, while a fan keeps air circulating. Good air conditioners are not limited to a cooling function. They can also be used for dehumidification, ventilation and for heating in winter.

At kaiserkraft, you'll find air conditioners in the following categories:

  • Split air conditioners are two units in one. The indoor unit evaporates refrigerant to cool the room. The outdoor unit releases the heat energy drawn out of the room outside.

  • Monobloc air conditioners: these cooling devices are compact and mobile. Instead of an outdoor unit, there is an exhaust air hose that is routed outside through an open window, for example, or connected to an opening in the wall.

  • Evaporative coolers: evaporative coolers involve moistening special filters with tap water and distributing the cooled air throughout the room with a fan. The right choice for cooling large rooms.

So far, so good. The question is when which

air conditioner

is the right choice.

Where and when you need which air conditioner

The decisive factor when choosing which air conditioner is best is what you want to cool. For individual offices or other workspaces, a split air conditioner is a good choice, as it contributes to a pleasant working climate all year round. Because it is nice and quiet, it is also suitable for offices where employees need to concentrate. Monobloc air conditioners offer the advantage of being mobile and ready for immediate use. However, the noise level is higher. In large open or well-ventilated factory halls, we recommend evaporative coolers. They do not require environmentally harmful coolants, are inexpensive to operate, and are ready to use right away.

Do you still have questions about air conditioners and indoor climate? Get in contact with us. We will be happy to help you.