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Waste management should be functional. Yet a high quality appearance can't hurt either. After all, waste paper bins are more eyecatching than you might think.

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Waste paper bins: the chic version of a waste bin

What does waste management have to do with appearances? Quite a lot! In areas where employees, customers or visitors are supposed to enjoy spending time in particular, waste paper bins are the most attractive option. They also do their job as hygienic rubbish bins – if you choose the right product.

What distinguishes waste paper bins from other rubbish bins?

There is a good reason why waste paper bins are in particular demand as items of office equipment: they are designed to collect inoffensive items of waste. After all, paper waste neither gives off moisture, nor does it smell nasty, or take up much space. Nor is paper unsightly.

This approach allows more freedom with the product design – and a stylish appearance makes waste paper bins an unobtrusive item of equipment suitable for many areas of the company. However, we also have waste paper bins in our product range that, as waste bins, take inspiration from multi-purpose waste bins and rubbish bins.

There are, for example, self-extinguishing mechanisms integrated into them, or some come with lids or narrow inserts, and don't feature a design with hole patterns. These waste paper bins are placed not only where people throw away paper, but are also set up in spots where the image or feel-good aspect should be the main focus – for example in the entrance area, the waiting room, or in the tea kitchen.

What aspects are most important when buying a waste paper bin?

Purchasing a waste paper bin is a matter of both quality and quantity. Every desk or work table needs a waste paper bin. There should also be a suitable model at every entrance and exit. In waiting rooms, you might even need several of them, depending on the size of the space.

Creating a visually harmonious impression ensures that this detail of your interior design blends discreetly into the background. Areas that are highly representative should be equipped with particularly stylish models. The more waste paper bins are needed per room or area, the more practical slimmer models are.

Self-extinguishing waste paper bins are a must in areas where different types of waste are thrown away, and where no one knows exactly what people are disposing of when passing by. What's more, these models featuring a slot that curves inwards counteract the release of odours.

As always when it comes to waste, the general product size is important. The amount of waste that collects in the spot where the bin is placed is used to determine which capacity the waste paper bin should have – otherwise you’ll find yourself ordering more just a short time later. We will be happy to advise you about how to find the right waste bin.