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Small parts, spare parts, accessories – where to put all the bits and pieces and the hotchpotch of parts? The best possible storage is provided by drawers. The benefits: everything is clearly sorted, ready to use at once and protected from damage. Introduce more organisation into everyday work with drawer modules and visual storage containers!

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Small parts storage cabinets: where organisation rules.

We all know that, with LEAN organisation, it's best not to lump everything together. And the same goes with drawers: preferably lots of them in different sizes, widths and depths, and ideally made of crystal clear or opaque plastic to suit. If these drawers are also fitted in a stable housing – either in sturdy plastic or sheet steel depending on the weight of the contents – then drawer cabinets from kaiserkraft are the name of the game.

Want to know exactly what small parts you've got in stock? Whether for production, maintenance or presenting goods, with small parts cabinets from our online shop, every single screw or LED can be accounted for. It's not only the various sized drawers that bring structure to the workshop and storage facilities. The RAL colours of the housings available also give you a graphical picture of storage locations. And differentiation is key: height x width x depth – our range of drawer cabinets and drawers are just as suited to the objects being stored as to the space available in your company. With the correct labeling the drawer boxes can also be individually marked.

Efficiency is a question of organisation. Cabinets are part of the answer.

Smooth work processes are based, amongst other things, on dependable logistics. A requirement for this is order related to the resources and spare parts needed. And here is our recipe for an efficient workflow: the wide gamut of small parts cabinets from kaiserkraft will keep all your many small components and production and spare parts close at hand. Well protected and clearly sorted so the correct component is always chosen. And when structure makes daily operations easier, no time is wasted hunting around for the right parts. So why not get purchasing! But small parts cabinets are just one element for working efficiently. Our online shop has got lots more useful items for your storage facilities. Need expert advice? Please get in touch. We'd be happy to help.

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