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Can the correct clothing prevent electrostatic discharges? Of course it can – and ESD work clothing is not only comfortable, but also particularly safe.

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ESD work clothing – the right type of attraction

Realising your potential is a good thing. Unless we're talking about unwanted potential equalisation affecting sensitive components, in which case you should introduce precautions to prevent this, and equip your employees working in EPAs (electrostatic protected areas) with ESD work clothing. Footwear, in particular, plays a crucial role – pick up a pair of safe ESD work shoes in our online shop now to avoid picking up potential!

What does ESD work clothing do?

People are one of the decisive factors that can trigger unwanted electrostatic discharges at ESD workstations and thereby damage sensitive electronic devices or components. ESD clothing such as ESD safety shoes are designed to prevent this from happening.

ESD safety shoes come with all the features of conventional work shoes, such as toe caps and anti-slip and outsoles that are resistant to hazardous substances. In addition, all key components of the shoes are designed to be antistatic and thermally non-conductive. This means that no potential can build up when walking due to friction, which may otherwise suddenly discharge.

What are the legal requirements for ESD work clothing?

EN 61340-5-1 covers the key regulations for protecting electronic components against electrostatic phenomena. It specifies that ESD work clothing should primarily provide protection for the object being worked on – even if, for example, the shoes meet the specifications for personal protective equipment (PPE) for people. Even the lowest voltages must be suppressed. The contact resistance of an ESD shoe must total between 7.5 x 105 and 3.5 x 107 ohms. In addition, shoes that are actively breathing and that are ergonomic are important, as they ensure that occupational health and safety is observed.

What else is recommended?

Think of work in EPAs as a self-contained system in which every (work) step should be perfectly earthed.

Earthing can only be guaranteed when standing and walking in an ESD area by using a combination of ESD work shoes and ESD floor coverings. ESD heel straps are an additional measure that is recommended. When seated, your employees should also wear ESD accessories such as an earthed ESD wrist strap.

All other work equipment and furnishings that are touched and used by employees must also be checked for their capacity for ESD. This starts with ESD chairs and desks and extends all the way to ESD transport equipment and ESD shelving units.

Our product guide to ESD: Protection from damaging discharges shares more details to make handling electronics even safer.

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