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Reliability is important. So too is stability. Not to mention professionalism. Do you think we’re talking about your employees? Far from it! We’re talking about our high quality workbenches and work tables!
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Ergonomic work tables and workbenches in industrial design

Have you ever thought about the role the right workbenches and work tables play in the success of your company? They provide, quite literally, the foundation for precise and high quality work outcomes! Taking a few details into account when deciding which equipment to purchase will bring rewards, as will placing your trust our expertise when it comes to factory and workshop equipment. Purchase new electrically height adjustable work tables with castors now!

Which types of work tables and workbenches are available?

Depending on function and regulations, different operating areas place different demands on work tables. Our product range satisfies every single one of these demands, and this with an eye for detail too:

  • Workstation systems are modular concepts that provide a high degree of flexibility so that you can adapt to processes and workflows over and over again using accessories. They are reflective of the changes brought by Industry 4.0 and, at the same time, are a budget-friendly way to ensure you’re up to date.

  • Work tables are designed for use in the workshop, production, warehouse and mailing room. As adaptable multi-talents, they can be used as foreman’s desks, packing tables, order picking stations and work tables for many manual activities. They are more stable, robust and have a higher load bearing capacity than office desks, but are designed to be just as ergonomic. That’s why height adjustable or mobile models are particularly recommended.

  • Cleanroom tables with stainless steel frames, sealed surfaces and seamless finishes satisfy the strict regulations placed on particle concentration in cleanrooms and laboratories. These models are also the first choice everywhere else that hygiene is a key basic requirement.

  • Workbenches are considered the classic work surface in every carpenter’s and craftsperson’s workshop. Our workbenches show just how diverse this category is. Whether as a modular system that can be individually assembled or as a ready-made workbench with stainless steel frames, wooden worktops and ones that come with castors and drawers: each and every one of them is guaranteed to be robust enough for even the heaviest of components.

Teamwork: workplaces in rows and group workplaces

We stock workbenches with worktop widths of up to 4 metres! This length allows up to three workplaces to be configured at one single workbench. We also offer group workplaces for schools, training companies and other companies where people work in teams. For example, the hexagonal workbench offers enough space for six workplaces, and this on a surface area of around 6 square metres! Feel free to contact us, and let our customer advisors show you what’s possible.

The right tabletop for your workbench – a key element

At kaiserkraft, you have a wide range of tabletops to choose from:

  1. Multiplex tabletops are made of steamed beech or birch veneer, and are inexpensive, universal worktops suitable for a wide range of workshop applications.

  2. The solid beech tabletop is the classic worktop. The intelocking glued beech slabs are particularly robust and do not warp. The tabletops can be sanded back several times, meaning they can often be used for decades. And that’s not the only thing that makes them particularly sustainable – the wood comes from sustainable forestry and is sourced in the immediate vicinity of our workbench suppliers.

  3. Tabletops with a universal coating have an antistatic and hearwearing plastic, linoleum or urphen coating. This makes them resistant to oils, greases, water, heat and, in some cases, even weak acids and alkaline solutions. They are also flame retardant.

  4. Steel sheet tabletops are comprised a wooden worktop with a zinc plated steel sheet cover. These tabletops are ideal for heavy mechanical loads, or when working with oily and greasy objects.

  5. Hardened laminate tabletops feature high scratch and impact resistance, are resistant to weak acids and alkaline solutions, as well as common household chemicals and solvents.

What do I need to look for when choosing the right workbench?

Whereas the furnishing of your workshop or production area was once primarily a matter of how much space you need to work, or that your tools and workpieces need, the focus has now shifted. Today, purchasing departments are, above all, asking themselves how these needs will continue to change – perhaps tomorrow, possibly only in a year’s time.

The uncertainty that the ongoing changes in industry and business brings is best assuaged by ensuring the greatest possible adaptability. Work tables in a modular design have a head start; if there are doubts, then small accessories are often the solution for space problems, and this at a favourable price.

In addition, the sole focus of desks and office chairs is no longer just ergonomics. When you create new workspaces, choosing height adjustable desks is always recommended. In addition to reducing strain on the spine and improving employee health, you’ll also benefit from more precise results. After all, height adjustable work tables and workbenches literally place your employee at eye level with the job. What’s more, choosing work tables on castors makes you even more flexible.

Any advice is welcome? Then get in touch with us. Our experts will answer your questions about our product range and will be happy to give you tips on which area of the business your favourite table is suitable for.

By the way: we also stock ESD work tables and chairs and PC work tables!