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Who, what, when, where? Display cases and information boards are found everywhere – as a noticeboard in companies, for handling instructions in workshops, as well as in front of restaurants, museums and cinemas. Everywhere there is important information to impart. Find your new glass display case for indoors or outdoors now!

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Display cases: everyone takes a look – and that's good!

Although digitalisation has reached every corner, it has a distinct drawback: information that should always be visible, and is meant for all employees and visitors, cannot be shown perfectly in digital form. That's why analogue documents are required which you present in your company in display cases. Where? Preferably where everyone looks at.

Are there regulations for the use of display cases in the company?

The relevant regulations for company safety concern mainly the content rather than the information cases themselves. But both elements logically go hand in hand. This is because, for example, you put information sheets on first aid, or what to do if there's a fire, in the display cases.

Guidance systems for visitors or news on building work and restrictions in certain company areas are also displayed here. Because they ensure that everyone knows where in the company is out of bounds or where a particular behaviour is necessary.

All cases that you use for presentation and moderation, or as an information centre in the common room, are not, strictly speaking, relevant to safety. They do however make information more transparent in the company. You can be sure that news reaches all staff or visitors. And, at the end of the day, this is always good for company operations.

How do I design display cases to a high visual effect?

Of course it always depends what the case is going to be used for. But what each one has in common is that they must hang in places where they catch the eye. Moreover, you shouldn't clutter the information cases with pieces of paper or announcements and always keep them up to date.

A clever trick is to leave information cases empty now and then. Then it's immediately apparent when a new notification is put up. Use certain colour codes for the paper to make a distinction between different information or subject areas.

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