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The mop is a key utensil when it comes to hygiene and the cleanliness of the floors in your company. Practical mop holders also make handling these utensils easier when carrying out cleaning work. Functional mops from our shop help save time and energy for cleaning staff, because they can work without putting any strain on their backs.

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Mops and mop holders: helpers that come out swinging when cleaning buildings

What's the most important rule for quick cleaning? Swing the mop! A floor wiper, scrubbing brush and mop cover will get your floors and surfaces clean and shiny – without electricity, without fuss and without complications.

How do I know which mop is best?

Today's mop systems consist of a holder and matching covers, making them ideally suited for every conceivable use in industrial cleaning applications. Our product range includes wet and dry mop covers, floor mops, spray mop systems and mop wringers.

Depending on the types of fibre used for the cover and the products that have been combined, smooth floor surfaces can be cleaned damp, wet or dry. Pad holders double the fun you'll have while cleaning – and they help you to clean tiled mirrors or large tabletops quickly.

There's something all related products have in common: a mop reliably wipes away dirt, keeps it on the mop cover, and is easy to wash out. You need less time, energy and cleaning agents – and you remain flexible when cleaning.

Spray system, mop wringer or a flexible holder: what are the advantages and disadvantages of different mops?

Floor cleaning sets that include containers for liquids are mobile and make dry and wet cleaning exceptionally adaptable. Although the integrated container is smaller than a bucket, it is perfectly sufficient for surfaces that aren't too extensive.

Mop wringers ensure that you won't come into contact with dirty water, and also stop the mop from getting too wet. Sets like these are really hygienic, just less mobile than a spray system.

Versatile mop holders are the ideal choice for quick cleaning in work areas of a limited size. They save space, are ready to use in no time, and just as quick to stow away again.

How do I decide which holders and mops to choose?

If you decide to purchase holders and covers made by the same manufacturer, then the system is guaranteed to fit. However, many products come in standard sizes – please feel free to ask us whether a certain cover fits the mop holder that you're already using.

Microfibre and cotton are the types of fibre available to choose from. Microfibre is a reliable and hygienic all-rounder, and the covers made of it are also suitable for more sensitive floors. The abrasive effect of cotton fibres is higher, however this therefore makes them ideal for heavy soiling on less sensitive surfaces. The versions with yarns on the side ''scrub'' floors thoroughly and can even remove stubborn residue.

You can find out more about which fibre to choose in the purchasing guide Information on the subject of microfibre cleaning products.

If you need more power, we recommend taking a look at our vacuum cleaners and wet vacuum cleaners or hygienic high pressure cleaners and steam jets. Do you have any other questions? Feel free to contact us at any time.