Whether you’re working in assembly, construction or something else, spanner sets are essential pieces of equipment. Combination spanner sets are particularly handy, with everything in one, helpful tool kit. Here, you will find robust and versatile spanners in all sizes and for every need.

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Spanner sets for every solution

A single screw that can't be loosened soon brings work to a standstill. That’s why it’s better to take precautions and order some spanners right away. Open end or ring, big or small, we have them all. We even have combination spanner sets, so you don’t need to buy everything separately.

The different types of spanner sets

Spanners are essential tools, used everyday. Every workman needs them at their disposal. A quality spanner set will ensure your workforce has the right tools to complete the job at hand. Most spanner sets are roughly alike, however, they can vary in range of items or the quality of the metal. The better the quality, the higher the price tag.

To find the right spanner tool kit for your workplace, you’ll need to consider which spanner sizes your workforce needs, as well as which types of spanners are required. If a range of spanners is needed, then combination spanner sets are the best choice, as they have everything in one.

Ratchet spanner sets

Often among the more expensive types of spanner tool kits due to their handy functionality and the fact that they’re one of the most popular designs for professionals.

Box spanner sets

Sometimes called a tubular spanner set, they are easily identifiable by their elongated cylindrical shape. These spanner tool kits are designed for use on a variety of rounded metal tubes.

Combination spanner sets

They offer a wider range of head types, designed for tackling various jobs.

The benefits of spanner sets and tool kits

Due to the fact that spanner sets include a full selection of different sizes and styles in a single kit, the obvious benefit is that they’re very handy and offer on-hand flexibility when tackling nuts and bolts of every size. There are a whole host of other benefits, too:

Spanner sets are usually supplied in boxes

If not a box, then a case or foam tray. This protects the spanners inside and makes for easy storage and organisation.

Spanner sets are more cost-effective

Compared to buying individually, spanner tool kits can save you money. They may sometimes even come with sockets and other accessories.

Of course, to store all of your tools, we’d recommend a workbench, workshop desk or – for those who move around a lot for work – tool trolley.