Tubular films

As individual as your products: tubular film is the perfect alternative to packaging products in pre-prepared bags. Sometimes only a centimetre too much is all it takes for a product to not fit into a pre-made bag. Sometimes you only have a few small parts to mail to the customer, but only large packaging at hand. In most cases, there is one smart answer to this packaging situation: tubular film to seal yourself.

What are the benefits of tubular film?

Tubular films are the endless webs of film that bags are made out of: using a film sealing device, you can make packaging in any length you require. This means almost anything from a selection of small parts to a long pipe will be sent on its journey with a waterproof, protective cover. The packaging not only forms a barrier against dirt, damage and moisture, but also prevents small parts from shifting around in the package.

Industrial tubular film are the ideal aid when mailing and order picking, putting together easy to use modular furniture, for example, and offer a film-based solution that can function as many different types of packaging that require a lot of storage space.

Compared to ready-made pressure seal bags or flat bags made of film, webs of tubular packaging is easy to adapt to goods for which more filling material or bubble wrap would otherwise be needed. It allows you to reduce the amount of material used for packaging, potentially save on postage expenses, and definitely effort required for mailing.

Which types are there?

Our product range includes tubular films in different widths and film thicknesses. The material thickness is a decisive criterion for the potential weight and shape of the products sealed in tubular film. Pointed small parts such as screws require a durable film – you should also check the thickness of the film for heavier items.

The tube width decides how accurately the film fits the respective geometry. Even though wider films give you more freedom to move when filling them, a protective layer that wraps around the surface of the product is the better solution – and also saves packaging material. We also offer tubular films with special functions:

  • Antistatic for electronics and high-tech products that are sensitive to electrostatic discharge

  • Made of bubble wrap with shock absorbing properties

  • VCI tubular film to prevent corrosion and metal damage due to moisture

How is it put together?

Of course, you could also shape webs of tubular film to the right length by hand, and seal them using adhesive tape and similar products. However, a film sealing device is the faster and, above all, more economical solution. The weld seam forms an addition, reliable barrier against moisture and dirt and is therefore the right solution for sensitive items in particular.

Would you like to order your tubular films in a special thickness, as a food safe model, with an imprint, or made of a particularly advanced material? Then please feel free to contact us. We can fulfil almost any special request and find the right solution for you. In the meantime, take a look at our tips and trends on the topic of packaging, for example, and also feel free to contact us with your questions.