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Everything tidied up? Just as well – our rubbish bins and recyclable waste collectors offer lots of space. And even the small waste bin systems under the office desk can accommodate all sorts of rubbish and make it easy to sort. Push bins and foot pedal bins will keep your office and recreation rooms spick and span.

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Office Waste & Rubbish bins for every requirement

Do you know the magic spell to use to make rubbish disappear without a trace? No? We don't either. But we know that waste bins from our online shop will help you make rubbish invisible in no time at all. And to do that as quickly and effectively as real magic would, we offer rubbish bins in different sizes for indoors and outdoors.

From a basket to a drum

Making something disappear and tossing something away are two different things. But as long as the bin is the right size, then the result is just about the same. You'll find that kaiserkraft has waste paper bins that are easy to conceal under the desk, and rubbish bins that offer enough space for long days spent working in production areas. And for particularly demanding areas, we even go one step further: rubbish containers do full justice to their name.

Do your employees have their hands full at work? Rubbish bins with push lids or swing lids are the convenient alternative to bins with a lid. If they also feature a pedal mechanism, then throwing rubbish away feels like performing a magic trick. Step down on the pedal, and the lid opens; let the lid close, and you're done. Recyclable waste collectors with wheels or castors are quick to place anywhere they are needed. And in the event that the wrong rubbish lands in the bin, we recommend that you use self extinguishing waste collectors, which automatically throttle the intake of oxygen. It might no be magic, but it is just as effective.

Rubbish bins for outdoor areas – weather resistant and with a roof

You don't have to learn to perform magic tricks to keep your outdoor areas clean and tidy, because kaiserkraft offers rubbish bins specifically for outdoors, with waste sacks or inner containers. They are made from robust materials designed for prolonged exposure to wind and weather. They come with a roof of their own for installation in unsheltered spots, while they also feature an attractive design for entrance areas. Do you still need the right ashtray to complement your rubbish bin? Our combination ashtrays unite both functions in one. This will allow you to banish the mess made by cigarette butts in front of the door once and for all.

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