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Rechargeable batteries are useful for so many things – except for being shipped from A to B. Rechargeable battery transport boxes will help you remain on the safe side in this regard. Fireproof rechargeable battery storage/transport containers equipped with special cushions and which are compliant with the relevant guidelines ensure ideal storage and safe shipment. Find sustainable products from renowned manufacturers here!

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Rechargeable battery transport boxes: maximum protection for acids, alkaline solutions and similar substances

The secret to a long lasting rechargeable battery output is lithium. However, this highly reactive element is anything but harmless. That is why rechargeable battery transport boxes and rechargeable battery safety boxes aren’t just put to use when lithium ion batteries are being transported.

Why do lithium batteries have to be transported in a rechargeable battery safety box?

The energy density of rechargeable lithium ion batteries and lithium polymer batteries is based on a high level of electrochemical reactivity, which is simultaneously their greatest advantage and biggest drawback. Lithium batteries are highly sensitive to heat or damage. If they are not handled carefully, they pose a risk of fire or explosion. This is the reason why lithium batteries may only be shipped in packages marked accordingly – and, for example, cannot be placed in checked baggage on planes.

According to TRGS 510, lithium cells are considered hazardous goods, among other things, and must be handled accordingly. This means: always store, transport and recharge batteries separately and in a fireproof way. Rechargeable battery safety boxes can be used for both storage and transport. Featuring non-flammable materials and special cushions to hold the battery securely in the container, spare rechargeable batteries for tools, for example, are kept safe and ready for use.

When are rechargeable battery safety boxes mandatory?

Lithium batteries do not react well to heat and cold, humidity and impacts, damage or a deep discharge. All these conditions do, however, occur in many commercial environments. You can’t always tell whether a rechargeable battery is fully functional. This is why a fireproof box for batteries is not only suitable for precautionary storage of all energy sources, but also the optimal choice for:

  • Visibly damaged, bloated or damp rechargeable batteries

  • Rechargeable batteries that someone has tried to charge after a deep discharge

  • Batteries that have to withstand high levels of heat or cold (for example, during transport)

  • Prototypes with lithium technology

What is the best way to store a rechargeable battery?

In the household, a dry storage site where the temperature remains stable is perfectly sufficient. A well-chosen hazardous goods handling concept for rechargeable batteries is important at companies. For lithium batteries, this means:

  • Separate charging and storage in rechargeable battery safety cabinets and rechargeable battery storage cabinets

  • A dry environment where the temperature remains stable

  • A charge level of around 70 percent (recharge if not used for an extended period)

  • Safeguards to prevent short circuit or accidental activation

  • During transport, the battery must not slip around inside the container

You can find out more in our detailed magazine article on Handling rechargeable lithium-ion batteries safely. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about using safe equipment such as rechargeable battery safety boxes and similar products in person – simply contact us.