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Putting the pressure on dirt! High pressure cleaners will even find the smallest speck of dust: whether on the floor, in corners or in cracks, on machines or components. Special nozzles make cleaning a blast!

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Pressure washers and steam jets: it couldn't be cleaner!

For typical dirt that stubbornly accumulates on machines or company premises, you could of course also resort to powerful cleaning agents. However, it is simpler, more effective and more environmentally friendly to use high-pressure cleaners and steam jets instead. Because with the simple combination of water and pressure you will achieve the highest level of cleanliness.

What distinguishes a high-pressure cleaner from a steam jet?

In principle, both device versions function similarly and are therefore often confused: Water is ejected under pressure from a nozzle system and cleans contaminated surfaces primarily through a combination of physical and thermal effects.

However, there is a significant difference in the aggregate state of the liquid:

  • High-pressure cleaners (hot and cold water devices) heat the water only up to 60 degrees Celsius. This is completely sufficient to dissolve dirt, grease and oils. Pressure is the more important abrasive factor here.

  • Steam jets heat the water to such an extent that it turns into steam. This steam kills germs and bacteria by the heat alone, so the abrasive quality due to the pressure plays only the second role here.

This means that high-pressure jets and steam jets are used in industrial cleaning in different areas:

  • Steam jets ensure hygienic cleanliness, especially on interior surfaces that come into contact with food. Sanitary facilities and common rooms are also made free of germs and bacteria.

  • High-pressure jets are used on outdoor installations for pavements, walls or other facade elements, clean large machines and vehicles of dirt and oil and are also suitable for the workshop or production hall.

What is so special about these cleaning devices?

Both versions have a great advantage: For light to medium degrees of soiling, you can also easily dispense with cleaning agents or cleaning accessories. Corresponding cleaners supplement the thermal-physical performance with a chemical component that ensures rapid success with particularly stubborn soiling. Apropos fast: the high-pressure cleaners are also convincing in this respect:

  • Thanks to ergonomic handling and manoeuvrable design, employees can work on surfaces quickly and without bending down.

  • Different accessory sets make the device flexible for different surfaces.

  • Thanks to sophisticated pump and nozzle systems, water consumption is very low.

For which tasks do I use which high-pressure cleaner?

Basically, you can use any high-pressure cleaner that you obtain from us from the Kärcher brand for any common cleaning task in the company. You just need to pay attention to a few details:

  • For machines and vehicles it is best to use a radiator with 40 degrees water temperature and the ''normal'' nozzle.

  • The dirt blaster attachment may be used for pavements, slabs, facades, walls etc.

  • Interior floors and surfaces with tiles, linoleum etc. are cleaned with a steam cleaner.

Your basic machine selection is based on considerations of the frequency of use and the required functionality. Important elements are:

  • The heating system and the possible water temperature

  • The pressure that can be generated and the possible pressure regulation

  • The required operating time in one go as a combination of motor power and throughput

From this point of view, an efficient hot water high-pressure cleaner, for example, is ideal for frequently changing locations of use and allows operating times of up to one hour at a time. A cold water model is suitable for occasional use, medium soiling and manageable surfaces.

What care instructions should I follow?

It is important to adjust the water pressure and temperature to the sensitivity of the surface. Also, you should always keep a certain distance (10 to 30 cm) between the high pressure jet and the surface. At a greater distance, the cleaning effect decreases exponentially due to the lower pressure.

Otherwise, you will find machine alternatives in the range for cleaning and sanitation requirements that you can use when cleanliness under high pressure is out of the question. What else you should know about this topic we have compiled for you in two overviews:

Should you not find what you are looking for there, we will be happy to advise you personally on the choice of equipment!

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