Cardboard boxes, cartons

Cardboard boxes for reliable mailing processes: you are guaranteed to find the right cardboard box right here! In addition to classic cardboard boxes for mailing, we also stock automatic bottom and fast folding boxes, folding cardboard boxes and boxes with push-on lids, as well as thermal packaging – whatever it is, we will have the optimum packaging for your requirements!

Cardboard boxes and packaging: more than 2,000 products for your mailing requirements

It doesn’t matter what you need the packaging for, or which items you intend to transport using a cardboard box – you are guaranteed to find that we have exactly the right cardboard box for your requirements. Choose from more than 2,000 different types of cardboard boxes – from classic and sustainable products, to intelligent and efficient designs and cardboard boxes for special requirements. If you’re wondering where you should you buy your cardboard boxes and materials for mailing, then look no further – buy them from us, the experts and wholesalers for packaging solutions.

When do I use which cardboard box and packaging?

One type of cardboard box for all mailing requirements? That may be a good idea for companies with products in a uniform size, but you’re going to need a lot of filling material if you have a varied product range. That’s why you should use our special products to cater to your requirements:

  • Folding boxes and boxes with push-on lids ensure easy removal of the contents, and an optimum overview of everything from file folders to small parts boxes, flyers, advertising materials or orders. Push-on lids also allow you to vary the height, and are highly versatile.

  • Automatic bottom boxes and fast folding boxes are appropriately named – they are ready for mailing in just a few steps, require little work to prepare for use, and save packaging materials with their self-adhesive seals and height variable designs – and will boost the efficiency of your logistics processes.

  • Thermal packaging for items that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations is not only available in polystyrene, but also comes made from environmentally friendly and space saving materials, such as hemp and straw, which also provide with the same level of insulation.

Or would you prefer a classic product? By using folding corrugated cardboard boxes, you’ll be opting for a versatile classic among the cardboard boxes that allows you to send everything your warehouse has to offer. Choose between high quality standard cardboard boxes, environmentally friendly cardboard boxes made from grass paper, or ones made with climate neutral production processes – or even inexpensive alternatives made using a less costly blend of raw materials. Add a utility knife and film cutter to your shopping basket – and you'll be perfectly equipped.

What do I need to pay attention to when buying cardboard boxes?

Cardboard boxes are available in different cardboard qualities, from single fluted to triple fluted boxes. The quality you will require depends on the items that you are mailing: the heavier and more fragile they are, the more fluting the cardboard boxes should exhibit.

There’s a rule of thumb for cardboard qualities: single fluted cardboard is perfectly adequate for mailing packages up to 5 kilograms in weight, while double fluted cardboard boxes are better if your packages weigh more than this. When palletising goods or preparing them for export, use the appropriate DIN cardboard boxes that are made exactly to measure for pallets.

When there’s a high volume of items for mailing, then every move has to be right. The faster you can set up, fill and seal the cardboard boxes, the faster they will arrive at the customer. Carry out test runs using different types of cardboard boxes and small, folding boxes to find out which models require the least packing material and the fewest work steps. Also check which cardboard boxes fit best on your skate wheel conveyors or packing tables.

Find the right cardboard box using the cardboard box finder – by simply clicking the mouse!

We make it easy for you: our cardboard box finder allows you to put together the ideal assortment of cardboard boxes and small boxes with just a few clicks. Enter the size, quality and quantity, and we will show you which top products will speed up and optimise your logistics. Where can you purchase the mailing boxes? That's the easiest part of all: from us, your professional shop that keeps operations running smoothly!

Would you prefer to clarify all your other questions in person? Simply contact us and let us advise you on cardboard boxes – we will be happy to help you.