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Are you ready for the next brainstorming session? No? This is because you don't have the right whiteboard accessories. Markers, magnets, dry wipers, blotters, cleaning sponges – this is where you can find all the bits and pieces that will turn your simple whiteboard into a perfectly equipped whiteboard.

In the category Whiteboard accessories we offer you products of the following brands: magnetoplan, MAUL, eurokraft basic, DURABLE, Chameleon, Axelent.

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Whiteboard accessories – everything within reach and close at hand

Thank you – you have decided on a suitable whiteboard. Maybe you still require more equipment. You cannot, for example, write on every board with standard pens. Here in the shop you'll find everything you need!

Need the right whiteboard accessories?

These are whiteboard markers pens in red, blue, black and green and in various line widths. Or eraser pens and wiping sheets as well as magnets, magnetic strips, magnetic labels or magnetic paper. Or also board wipers, cleaning spray and a cleaning sponge. Many of the items you need for drawing and writing, holding and cleaning can be found here. We particularly recommend our whiteboard sets – with many of the things to get you started.

Tip: Pay attention to the material your whiteboard is coated with: glass, plastic or enamel. This is because the various cleaners are designed for different surfaces.

Whiteboard accessories set: all types of magnet:

  • Use magnetic boards to give information to your employees. The great thing about them is that you can also put up several magnetic boards next to each other.

  • You can fix magnetic strips to walls or other surfaces because they are self-adhesive on the back. Just ensure that the surfaces are free of grease and dust when you attach them.

  • Magnetic rectangles offer you the distinct advantage of being able to cut them to any size or shape you like.

  • Or you can simply use your whiteboard as a flip chart too – all you need is a flip chart clamp for attaching to the whiteboard. Excellent solution!

Presenting and moderating: show what you're proud of!

Got an innovative product? Then don't keep it to yourself! Our presentation and moderation category has effective ways of showing it to everyone, such as glass cabinets and advertising stands. Here your product is protected from dust and being touched but still visible to all. Why not put it directly by an entrance. Then visitors, customers and colleagues can see straight away what you're proud of.

When you're doing your presentation, don't be a shrinking violet either. After all, you've got something to say! Our products will help your presentation shine. Flip charts and whiteboards, for example, allow you to explain complex subjects clearly and understandably. A pedestal desk provides you with somewhere to put documents, etc. on, but also underlines your importance doing the talk. Our presentation cases can assist you when moderating because they already contain all the key accessories needed to make your presentation a success. So, everything is set for you to make your mark. Discover our products now!

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