You should keep this category page on the backburner. After all, when things start getting cold in your company premises, you'll want to buy heaters from us. We can offer you a range of different models: electric heaters, oil heaters or gas heaters.

In the category Heaters we offer you products of the following brands: Kroll, TCL.

And what's your secret to staying warm?

Large halls, tents, construction sites, building containers and garden sheds are not exactly the warmest of workplaces in winter. Or maybe they could be? Heaters make working in places like this more tolerable, and much better for your health, during the cold time of year. Say goodbye to colds and flu, and hello to fan heaters.

Which heater caters to your requirements best?

Whether you choose an electric, gas or oil heater, you are, on the one hand, making a decision based on the premises you need to heat and, on the other hand, the individual requirements you need to satisfy:

  • Should the heater produce as few odours, and as little noise, as possible?

  • Should no oxygen be consumed?

  • Should the heater be as environmentally friendly or economical as possible?

  • How mobile should the heater be? Should the device not only heat, but also provide ventilation?

The following tells you about which points apply for different heaters.

Electric heaters:

  • Suitable for workshops, industry, at construction sites, in nurseries etc.

  • Related mobile products available

  • Non-polluting, because odourless

  • No oxygen consumed, therefore good for use in poorly ventilated rooms

  • Also suitable for use as a fan in summer

Gas heaters:

  • Suitable for tents, halls, construction sites etc.

  • Environmentally friendly and economical heating of well ventilated rooms

Oil heaters:

  • Suitable for almost all areas

  • Also for keeping horticultural operations frost-free

  • Also suitable for operation in enclosed rooms with an air outlet

What must be observed in the event of use in damp rooms?

If a new building is built or renovated in bad weather conditions, or if water damage needs to be repaired, then moisture must be removed from the air. Simply turning on a heat won't do the job. An air dehumidifier provides an ideal supplement to devices such as heaters at the place of use. Dehumidifiers with additional electric heating are also practical. They ensure you only need one device for both functions.

So get started and start working up some heat. You are guaranteed to find suitable products here in the webshop. Moreover, we can also source any appropriate additional solutions for you, such as mobile heating systems, stationary direct-fired air heaters, high-performance building dehumidifiers, and much more. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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