Washroom equipment

The washroom is more than just a place where you wash your hands. It shows whether your hygiene concept has been thought right through to completion. Our range of washroom equipment will definitely ensure you have everything you need – from waste collection boxes to soaps, creams and shower gels, blow dryers, towel dispensers and toilet paper.

Washroom Supplies: hygiene can be so simple!

Even if the hygiene regulations in force in your company do not need to comply with the rigorous industry standards for sensitive work areas, there is one area where the highest levels of cleanliness apply: the washroom equipment. Our assortment features everything your employees and visitors should expect in the toilets, changing areas and cloakrooms.

What washroom supplies is indispensable?

After using the toilet, you wash your hands. And for this, you need not only the right care lotions and soaps but also easy-to-use soap dispensers that are as hygienic as possible. This means you must be able to remove the desired quantity without direct contact with the fingers – preferably via a lever system.

The soap dispenser should be easy to fit and provide enough soap. Hands are dried after washing, for which you can offer practical paper towels with a holder or modern electric hand dryers. And, of course, toilet paper holders, waste bins and the correct paper products must also be laid on as well.

If you're unsure about the washroom equipment needed, a short survey of your employees will also help. They know best what they're missing in their changing rooms or toilets.

What washroom equipment do I use to meet high hygienic requirements?

Depending on the area of work, the sanitary requirements should also answer questions relating to skincare and hygiene when handling raw materials or goods.

This is possible, for example, with dispensers for disposable gloves and other consumables that employees in the laboratory, cleanroom or food department urgently need. In the washroom for workshop and production staff, care lotions that moisturise the skin, after rigorous removal of lubricants and the like, are essential.

During winter in particular, when there are a lot of bugs going around, you should also set up hand disinfection stations throughout the company – not only for employees, but also for customers and visitors. This signals that you are thinking about every detail of your business equipment and that you're also striving to reduce the sick rate.

We will be happy to assist you personally with the composition of your washroom equipment and supply you with essential items such as wet room mats, etc. at the same time. Just get in touch with us.

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