Adhesive tape dispensers, tape dispensers

As anyone who regularly packages goods will know: adhesive tape dispensers and adhesive tape rollers can really make things much easier, because they save you time – as well as nerves. So do something good for yourself and choose the right professional device for your needs!

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    Adhesive tape dispensers and tape rollers: practical aids for industry, trades and the office

    Adhesive tape dispensers will save you a lot of time and work. The basic prerequisite is that the dispenser, adhesive tape and packaging that are chosen work together optimally. Discover a wide range of adhesive tape dispensers and adhesive tape rollers for every requirement at kaiserkraft – from tabletop dispensers for self-adhesive tape to gummed tape dispensers.

    Tips for selecting the right adhesive tape dispensers

    Apply, dispense and you're done – the right adhesive tape dispenser makes using adhesive tape much easier and much more efficient. One important criterion when deciding which device to choose is the width of the tape. An integrated tape roll-off brake is also very practical. However, when choosing an adhesive tape dispenser or adhesive tape roller, the intended use is what matters most.

    For employees who go from one pallet to the next when packing goods, a handheld dispenser is exactly the right model. For those who rarely need to move around when packing items, a tabletop dispenser is the best choice. This dispenser is available with a particularly trendy design for the office, or with a clamp to keep things in place.

    What about situations in which conventional adhesive tape is not good enough? Gummed tape dispensers produce a fail-safe seal: theft-proof, environmentally friendly, and resistant to heat, cold, moisture and light. Different lengths can also be set when you're using electronic adhesive tape dispensers.

    Adhesive tape dispensers, packing tape and other accessories

    An adhesive tape dispenser only becomes an ideal aid to work when used in combination with the right adhesive tape. At kaiserkraft, you'll also discover a huge range of packaging materials and accessories.

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