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They should look good, be robust and as straightforward as possible. No to worry, we're not talking about your choice of partner, but rather our office shelving. They give file folders, books, office plants and other décor a fitting home – and make your office look better at the same time. They are also perfect for use as room partitions too.

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Office shelving: putting the style into good organisation

Wherever a desk becomes the primary workplace, office shelving units are not far away. This is because you can find space to store all folders, documents and work equipment in them in a functional way. However, your office is not always located in an administrative building – and this is why we offer office shelving units for all requirements.

Steel or wood: which material is best suited to office shelving units?

Wood, with its pleasant and natural surface structure, is an ideal material for office furniture. However, it is not always the right choice. For example, the office furniture should be built to be a little more robust in the foreman's office or next to the desk used by the workshop manager. After all, even if heavy equipment is only ever used outside the office, the conditions there are different from the ones in the administrative building. This is why sturdy steel is always a better idea in this case.

Of course, you can also use steel in the administrative building. And if you do, then it is best used for the archive or storeroom. Your employees would rather enjoy the sight of an attractive wood finish.

How do I choose office shelving units?

Along with the choice of material, you should also keep an eye on the model. For smaller layouts, file and folder shelving units with a smaller ground area are suitable, because they have a small footprint and are instead made taller. If you have plenty of space, you'd be best to structure the room with a combination of sleek, tall and short, and wide shelving units. The same surface finish ensures a visually calming effect.

It is also important that you order office shelving units, filing cupboards and the like only to cater to your current requirements. You can extend the line-up at any time with suspension filing cabinets and additional file shelving units. However, if they cannot be appropriately filled, they only create a bleak atmosphere that would not do anything good for productivity.

The open file shelving units are, of course, unsuitable for sensitive documents. We recommend lockable filing cupboards that come in different models, allowing them to be perfectly integrated into your office ensembles.

If you have any other questions about our product range, you can, as always, contact us in person.

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