For cutting and shaping: chisels help you to bring workpieces into the right form. They are also practical tools during renovation work, as they provide the necessary leverage. From flat chisels to pointed chisels and bricklayers’ chisels – you can find different types of chisels in the kaiserkraft online shop.

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Chisel: an essential classic

Chisels shape wood, stone and other materials with pinpoint accuracy. These classic hand tools are versatile to use. Whether pointed chisels or bricklayers’ chisels, flat chisels or drivers: the cutting edges and tips of these hand tools can also be resharpened – making them suitable for long lasting use in trades. It is important that you harden the tool after sharpening to ensure they function properly.

When is which type of chisel used?

The name of a chisel either refers to its shape or indicates its area of use. The pointed chisel, for example, has a sharp tip. It ensures a high level of spot force if you wish to work on or remove different materials. The flat chisel, on the other hand, has a flat cutting edge that allows you to precisely control how edges are broken.

Jointing and bricklayers’ chisels have been given these names because of how precisely the cutting edge fits into small cracks and joints. They are suitable for removing intact bricks. A tile chisel allows you to work your way under wall elements when renovating sanitary rooms or kitchens. Drivers, on the other hand, are essential tools when you intend to drive different types of connecting elements in or out.

Chisels with angled heads are essential for car bodywork when loosening welded joints. Their shape allows you to separate the weld seam with a hammer and chisel without damaging the surrounding material. Gads for cutting shapes into materials round off the product range. From circular holes to recesses in the shape of handles – these practical tools will help you get the job done in no time at all.

Chisel sets: fully equipped

Chisel sets are practical for everyday use. They consist of chisels of the same type, but with different channel diameters. Combination sets, on the other hand, come with both flat and pointed chisels as well as other shapes that are often required. This means you always have the right chisel at hand – regardless of whether you intend to work on wood, stone or other materials.

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