Height adjustable desk – stay flexible with the UPLINER series!
While seated or when standing? Organise your office workplace more ergonomically and use the opportunity to vary between a sit-down desk and a stand-up desk. You can learn more about the special features and differences between the UPLINER models here.

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The UPLINER – a jewel among desks
Height adjustable desks are becoming more and more popular when furnishing professional and ergonomic office workplaces. This is why we offer variable office furniture in our VARIETY group. The UPLINER is a desk we are offering online which has already proven its worth in many offices. You can sit comfortably at this desk, or you can stand at it as well, without compromising your health. It is the ergonomic qualities of the UPLINER desk that make it particularly stand out. Anybody who has to sit in an office for a long time knows how much strain this can place on the back. A height adjustable desk ensures that some tasks can be completed while standing up for a change. In spite of the change of height, all work utensils remain conveniently within reach, and efficient work is possible while both standing up and sitting down. Making telephone calls and holding meetings while standing, and only taking a seat when doing written work, is recommended – but at the end of the day, how the adaptable desk is used is a matter of individual choice.

The different versions of the UPLINER
The UPLINER model is a FSC product and is available in different models. You can order the desk with a manual height adjustment crank as well as with an electric height adjustment mechanism. In addition, the height adjustable models are available in different sizes, with different maximum load bearing capacities and with different height adjustment ranges. When you are selecting the right desk for yourself or your employees, this model allows you to choose between round or rectangular desks and whether the desk colour matches your other office furniture. The UPLINER tables harmonise visually with every office design, and you can order a matching mobile pedestal online using the Combinations tab. It is not just the UPLINER desks that are height adjustable – in our webshop, you can find other height adjustable desks as well. More straightforward models include the FINO, for example. The successor to the UPLINER, the UPLINER 2.0, scores points with enhanced functions and additional colour combinations. You are guaranteed to find the right product that fully meets your requirements in our office furniture series.