Scooters, company bicycles

Companies with a modern, sporty and environmentally friendly approach are going for a ride: on company bicycles. They are especially suitable for covering large distances on extensive company premises. The benefits: inexpensive to invest in, low maintenance and storage costs, less space needed for parking, more movement at work and a more positive CO₂ balance.

In the category Scooters, company bicycles we offer you products of the following brands: HelgeNyberg, Kongamek.

Warehouse Scooters & bikes: zero emissions, a hundredfold improvement to company logistics

Employees and goods on wheels can get from A to B within the company much faster. But do you always need the petrol-fuelled transporter to cover longer distances? Company bicycles allow you to optimise your environmental footprint, ensure your employees get more exercise, and improve company logistics without any emissions.

What are the advantages of company bikes?

The advantages of company bicycles are particularly evident in a direct comparison with other widespread means of motorised transport. Company bikes are manoeuvrable and compact, but still offer enough storage space for goods that have to be transported quickly over the entire company premises.

They also have a fun factor that cannot be ignored. After all, who doesn't like to pedal leisurely or cruise around on a scooter? Even electric scooters produce no emissions whatsoever – and maintenance is exceptionally inexpensive.

What types of company bikes are available?

You could decide for compact scooters, which, as three-wheeled models, are a particularly safe means of moving around. Or you could opt for different models with and without an electric motor, and which provide sufficient loading space for smaller transport jobs. Robust electric scooters that are even road-legal are particularly fun to get around on.

Which goods can be transported on company bikes?

Different company bikes are designed for different purposes and provide the corresponding loading and transport platforms. Compact industrial scooters only have a small basket in which, for example, a tool bag used by the much sought-after IT specialist or maintenance engineer can be stored.

Larger models with wider load platforms offer sufficient space and load capacities for transporting important packages or goods, for example, which are to be taken from the goods receipt area to the accounting department.

What must be observed when using company bikes?

You will find information on the product page about the maximum load capacity for all transport equipment and trolleys, and this must not be exceeded. You should also observe the specifications regarding how to secure loads and the dimensions of the transported goods.

As is self-evident, company bikes add to the amount of traffic within the company, which must be managed by introducing appropriate rules, routes and safety measures.

Also remember that you can optimise availability with special parking areas for company bikes, and also create central hubs for recharging electric scooters. Simply contact us if you have any questions.

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