Dispatch bags, envelopes

What's in this package, how heavy is it, which country has it come from, is it healthy, insured, hazardous? To find out, you don't have to take a look in the package, but can simply study the accompanying documents instead – they are affixed to the outside. Of course, you can also send information like this bundled into a paper envelope as well. We sell those too.

Dispatch bags and document pouches to fast-track your logistics services

The larger, heavier or bulkier the package, the easier you should make goods receipt and identification for your customers. You can do this by providing the right packaging along with important information such as delivery documents in document pouches. For small goods and paper products, our range of dispatch bags is there for you.

Which material is the best choice for dispatch bags?

We have dispatch bags made of cardboard or non-transparent film. Using cardboard as a packaging material is not only friendly for the environment, but also provides plenty of stability, while the special film pouches were made with privacy in mind – and complies with a special ISO standard.

The coefficient of friction specified in ISO 8295 indicates how easily a package is able to glide over sorting conveyors and distribution stations at parcel service providers without coming to a halt, or slipping off. In this case, special films have an edge over cardboard packaging, which makes them particularly suitable for express delivery of small goods that fit inside them.

Sticking a document pouch to a parcel: is there anything I need to consider?

When you use a document pouch, the recipient, or customs officials, are able to check and allocate a consignment of goods quickly and without necessarily having to open the package. This is one of the main benefits of using the special envelopes, which you can order from us with or without an imprint in a signal colour. There are some destinations where sending a parcel with a document is mandatory.

Export accompanying document, freight papers or other important documents with information about the shipment must be placed in a document pouch, the full surface of which is adhered to the base of the cardboard box in a way ensures the documents remain flat. They must also be positioned so that the recipient and key details can be identified at a glance.

The top of the parcel is usually the best place for document pouches. If a parcel has dimensions that are larger, then they should be placed on the side of the parcel. Depending on the goods being sent and their destination, it's not just the position of the document pouch that matters, but also the way the documents have been organised in the pouch. Parcel service providers and customs services can provide detailed information about this.

That said, you can also obtain useful information about our range of packaging accessories and accompanying accessories such as scales directly from us. Please feel free to contact us!

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