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This is where knowledge and values meet, clever minds find careers, and where quiet and a place to retreat ensure better concentration. Conference tables provide room to work, space for new ideas and a place to share information. All you need to do now is find the right chair and your meeting room will be ready!

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    Multi-purpose tables & Board Room - Tables The right place for your most important conversations

    The greatest decisions in economic and human history have always involved some kind of multi-purpose table. After all, conference tables are the linchpin of important negotiations, intensive work units and large presentations. It is not only for this reason that you should ask yourself a few precise questions when making your selection.

    What do I use which conference table for?

    While expansive meeting tables with an appropriate look are first and foremost at home in the conference room, you should also place smaller models in other areas of the company.

    Then employees can get together for project meetings or have a conversation in the cafeteria. If you ensure robust but lightweight materials, users can arrange and rearrange the meeting tables as they wish. This applies in particular to models on castors.

    In general, multi-purpose tables do not bear their name for nothing and can be used practically anywhere where conversations or mental tasks have to take place. Last but not least, you should have a few tables in reserve for seminars, conferences, events and meetings, which you can arrange according to your seating requirements.

    What do I need to bear in mind when selecting conference tables?

    Conference tables have high symbolic content. With their size, high-quality appearance and shape, they are intended to suggest that important decision-makers are coming together. It all depends on the subtleties. The size of the table must be perfectly matched to the room; the available space should be generous, but not too generous.

    However, there is no room for manoeuvre with the look: it should be appealing and stylish, which can be easily achieved with high-quality tabletops and beautifully designed frames.

    The basic table shape also makes a statement: round and oval models stand for equal cooperation and are suitable for work-intensive meetings. Classic angular shapes convey hierarchies but are also well suited for lectures and presentations.

    Once you have ticked off these selection criteria, the next step is to put together suitable stacking and conference chairs. We will be happy to advise you on this as well as our range of tables from proven brands. Talk to us at any time.

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