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Mezzanine floors

Using the available spaces intelligently? Not a problem with our mezzanine floors: create additional storage space in your factory, or simply add space for an extra office. In this case, modular systems provide more flexibility and fewer costs. This way you'll get exactly the space you need.

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Mezzanine floors and steel platforms
Mezzanine floors create space, room to move and flexibility. Partition systems make a decisive contribution to intelligent use of existing industrial spaces. Along with pre-fabricated rooms like hall offices and containers, steel platforms also offer a wide range of options for ingenious use of available space. Mezzanine floors allow additional storage space to be generated in halls, while placing an office at an easy to spot height can have many advantages as well. When choosing the mezzanine floor, standards and regulations governing safety play an important role. Given this situation, a steel platform is always a reliable and professionally appropriate choice. Uprights and beams for the steel platforms are made of hot rolled steel. Powder coatings ensure a high level of resilience and surface durability under heavy duty requirements. Not least, the quality of the floor coverings should also be considered carefully. Standard moulded chipboard with a sufficient thickness, with tongue and groove, provide a high level of safety.

Modular systems for more flexibility
In order to create flexible room capacities at any time, extendable systems should be given consideration when choosing a platform. They allow individual modules to be linked to them according to requirements. Constructions that are bolted together provide advantages, because the complete element can be moved at any time without requiring any time-consuming disassembly work. Completely new room configurations can be created at short notice and with little work when platforms are used. For companies that have to work with limited space available and frequently changing warehouse stocks, the modular system simplifies matters enormously and represents significant cost savings. The optimal utilisation of existing capacities using platforms means keeping cost-intensive additional storage space on standby, and paying for its upkeep, can be relegated to the past. Unused space can be minimised. Professional accessories in the form of the corresponding stairways and railing elements, as well as transfer stations, round of the modular system provided by these platforms. Our online shop provides you with high performance products in professional quality in the form of these mezzanine floors.