Hospitality, catering

The most important question in everyday work is clearly: ''Coffee?'' The most versatile answer to this question can be found in your company kitchen – regardless of whether it’s just a small niche with a coffee machine, or a fully equipped kitchen that allows several people to be catered to. You’ll find all the furnishings you need for catering and small kitchens, as well as the corresponding catering equipment, for your company or office right here.

Hospitality and catering – full employees are satisfied employees

A coffee in the morning, a small snack while on a break, a bit of nourishment before the meeting: food and beverages are part and parcel of a good day at work. Small kitchens, catering equipment or buffet equipment allow you to save yourself large canteens, inconvenient kitchenettes and the staff’s two o’clock slump.

What does good hospitality at the company involve?

Many employees like to spend their lunch break away from the office or workshop. Heading out like this is important to clear the mind and for a change of scenery. However, employees would also often like something sweet or a beverage. If you don’t have room for a proper kitchenette, then you can even set up a meeting place in the workshop or production office which has been equipped with catering equipment such as small kitchens. The clever cupboards provide plenty of space for a coffee machine, hob and fridge, as well as enough storage space for everyone’s favourite cups and for a supply of coffee.

Mobile fridge caddies bring the kitchenette directly to the workplace. The ensure cold beverages, snacks and cutlery are always at hand – in the meeting room, in the visitors’ area, at trade fairs and events or anywhere else that refreshments are needed.

Where is the best place in the company to put catering equipment?

Besides the obvious requirements – such as access to power generators and a water connection – there are also process-related factors to consider when setting up catering equipment such as small kitchens.

  • The hinged doors of kitchen units should be able to be opened fully at the site of installation without obscuring or obstructing walkways or other furnishing elements.

  • Fumes when cooking food should be able to escape as easily as possible. In areas without windows or a supply of fresh air, install additional extractor hoods with filters.

  • Choose an area for installation that provides space to sit, with bistro tables and chairs in close proximity.

  • Label kitchen units as such to avoid any confusion with cupboards for equipment or tools.

If you want to pull out all the stops when it comes to hospitality and catering in your company, our project planning service is there for you. We can, for example, take care of planning and implementing full kitchens, design stylish lounge areas, and take on any other projects involving company equipment to make both customers and employees feel at ease. Simply contact us if you have any questions about this service, or about our product range.