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Safely packed: small parts such as screws are quickly packed away in film bags with a pressure seal. Flat film protects important documents from dust and moisture. If, on the other hand, you would like to send or store fragile items, bubble wrap bags protect the goods from vibrations. From padded packaging materials to film pouches for wall plugs and similar small parts – a wide range of flat bags awaits you at kaiserkraft.

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Film pouches: handy aids for shipping and storage

Film pouches are practical accessories for parcel deliveries. You can store small parts in them neatly. In addition, they are also useful aids for storage. Pressure seal bags with a labelling field help you keep an overview in the warehouse or during order picking processes. Bubble wrap bags, on the other hand, protect fragile shipments during transport. Regardless of what it is that you are sending or storing – your goods are protected from dust and water in PE bags or the models made of polypropylene.

What do I need to bear in mind when selecting film pouches?

When selecting film pouches, the volume of the content being packed, the purpose for which the specific packaging is used, and the fragility of the goods are key aspects to consider. Flat pouches are particularly versatile. They are used, for example, for small screws in furniture deliveries or for delivery papers. They have a smooth opening and can be sealed using staples, or by using a film sealing device.

Fragile components such as circuit boards must be padded properly. This is why bubble wrap bags are the right choice for them. It is important that the film is antistatic and firmly wraps around the entire component. The bubble wrap bag should not be too large and should not provide much room for movement. This prevents the component from slipping and potentially being damaged. In addition, pouches with a self-adhesive closure will keep the dust out.

If, on the other hand, you would like to store the right quantity and combination of certain small parts required for assembly activities in the warehouse in open fronted storage bins, pressure seal bags are a practical packaging material. Thanks to the closure, the small parts cannot fall out. Another advantage: these film pouches can be reused several times and are easy to open and reseal.

What does the film thickness say about the film pouch?

The film thickness you choose depends on the weight and nature of the contents. The film thickness, shown in micrometres, specifies how heavy the contents can be without causing tears in the material. If you would like to transport sharp objects such as screws in a film pouch, you should choose a version with a thickness of 100 µm or more. These pouches are also robust enough for a container weighing up to ten kilograms. For lighter contents without sharp edges, on the other hand, film pouches with a thickness of 25 µm or more will do the job perfectly.

We have put together six tips for you in our guide, The right way to package goods! You’ll also find information there on scales and other products that are indispensable in shipping logistics.

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