Open fronted storage bins

Are you familiar with one of the most practical solutions for storing and transporting small parts? Open fronted storage bins! Providing a maximum overview, simply handling and available in different colours, they provide you with good insights into your stock of bits and pieces. And they guarantee better organisation of your range of small parts.

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Stackable Open front storage Boxes: all small parts and tools in view and under control

With their vibrant colours and lowered edge at front, open fronted storage bins look like a miniature version of tilting skips. But what allows bulk materials to be emptied so easily from steel skips enables small parts and tools to be clearly viewed and conveniently accessed from these small parts bins.

With their modular qualities, storage bins from kaiserkraft form one of the foundations for order and structure in your storage facilities. They are available in many different formats and capacities, are stackable and can be subdivided with partitions. The range of volumes on offer, from 0.8 to 20 litres, enables you to make full use of your shelves – the optional extreme depth and variable width of the storage boxes make this possible.

Want to be able to read what's in it as well? Clear identification is easy with the integrated label fields. And because the practical plastic boxes are so colourful, you can also assign certain colours to certain content groups. Clearer view wanted? Then crystal clear open fronted storage bins are also available. Structure, for example, is also beautiful – and with maximum resistance to wear and service life to boot. The thermoplastic storage bins can withstand temperatures between –50 °C and +80 °C. Many models are also acid-resistant and grease and oil won't leave their mark either.

Open fronted storage bins: stable, mobile and versatile

Of course our versatile storage boxes are also mobile enough for use on everything that moves through your company on castors. The range of transport equipment and trolleys from our online shop is worth every click. Looking for cabinets for really small parts? We'd be pleased to help: Talk to us.

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