Delivery note pockets, document pouches

Right there when you need it without fuss: shipping documents, invoices and important customs documents are best kept in delivery note pockets. We recommend placing these important documents in delivery note pockets and document pouches so they are clearly visible.

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What are the advantages of delivery note pockets?

The documents accompanying a shipment – invoices, delivery notes, customs documents, etc. – are an important anchor point in goods logistics. For B2B shipments in particular, employees not only have to check consignments upon receipt, but also forward all documents to the responsible invoicing and documentation offices. Delivery note pockets in long or other formats are particularly popular for this.

  • Checking the shipment without opening the parcel or container – if applicable, the option of refusal of acceptance or direct forwarding to the destination without tedious unpacking

  • Also suitable for pallets, containers, mesh pallets and large containers

  • A kind of tamper insurance: high strength adhesive pouches cannot be removed from cardboard boxes and similar packaging without leaving traces.

  • All documents at hand and kept waterproof in one place – can be passed directly to the right place and will not get lost

  • No accidental disposal of documents with the packaging thanks to highly visible colours for the document pouches

  • Easy scanning of barcodes etc. thanks to non-reflective materials

  • Save on additional address labels using coordinated viewing windows or full transparency

  • Final inspection at the company that is sending the products is made easier: if the document pouch on the parcel is missing, the accompanying documents are obviously missing too.

Which factors are important when choosing delivery note pockets?

When it comes to sealing and labelling, form follows function: choose the format of your pockets to suit your typical shipping papers. For the classic A4 paper folded thrice, delivery note pockets in format long are ideal, for other labels or papers, ones in C5 are the right choice.

We distinguish between the following delivery note pockets:

  • Self adhesive: these are the most practical choice as they are quick and easy to apply to boxes, pallets etc. and do not require any additional adhesive material.

  • Environmentally friendly ones made of paper: these are waterproof.

If consignments are to be stored outdoors in the interim, or if they have to go on a very long journey, you are (still) better off with classic document pouches made of hardwearing film. For international shipments, multilingual imprints are essential. If your shipment is to be sent on its way less obtrusively, go for transparent, colourless bags.

When affixing them, always ensure that any other special markings or codes are not obscured by the pocket or pouch, and affixing the envelope at eye level is recommended for larger items.

Our experts will be happy to advise you on your choice of document pouches. Simply get in touch with us.