Did you know that the word crane is actually derived from the ancient Greek word for the bird known as a crane? Just like these avian beauties, cranes also sweep upwards in the sky, lifting or moving heavy and large objects to great heights. We can offer you reliable and safe, mobile and stationary crane solutions with varying loading capacities.

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Cranes for storage, production and assembly

Does the word ''crane'' make you think of a building site? What we think of first are our practical jib cranes, workshop cranes and mobile gantry cranes. This is because they ensure that work runs smoothly in assembly and storage halls and can also be operated without a crane driver's licence.

What makes our cranes so special

Our cranes have one thing in common with their large relations: they are specialists in lifting and moving heavy objects. Tools, machinery and components – cranes from KAISER+KRAFT can move loads up to 3000 kilograms in weight with no signs of fatigue, a hundred times a day or more.

Their small size is particularly advantageous when used indoors. Not only is a crane driver unnecessary. Our cranes also perform their work where there is little space available. And when they are finished they can often be easily removed.

We supply these cranes

A crane isn't just a crane, and this applies equally to the building site and the workshop. At KAISER+KRAFT you'll find mobile and stationary cranes for almost every purpose:

  • Mobile gantry cranes made of aluminium or steel

  • Post and wall mounted jib cranes

  • Workshop cranes

  • Counterbalance cranes

The correct crane to use depends mainly on what you plan to do with it.

This is how to find the right crane

The place and purpose of use are decisive. If you wish to deploy the crane at a fixed location all the time, a stationary solution is available. Gantry cranes with rollers can be pushed and pulled. They are highly suitable for repair and assembly work at alternating locations.

Jib cranes combine multiple work steps: lifting, swivelling and transferring. They're used, for example, to lift products from one conveyor belt onto another. Wall mounted jib cranes do not take up any space on the floor and can be fixed at any height. For areas with limited height, we have low and compact post mounted jib cranes.

We recommend a workshop crane as an all-rounder for lifting and transporting heavy crates, boxes and other objects in day-to-day work. If you need to drive right up close to objects then it's best to use a counterbalance crane. If what you want to move is on a pallet, you can also transport both at once without switching from the crane to stacker. All that you require is a crane fork.

We also have these products for you for lifting and conveyor work

Along with cranes in different versions, in our shop you'll also find a large selection of other lifting equipment, from fork lift trucks and mini lifters to stackers. We also offer expert advice with our products. Talk to us. We can help with your selection.

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