Individual aluminium profile components

Our range of aluminium profiles allow you to create a range of components yourself, from shelves and machine frames, to safety fences and ergonomic workstations. You can use aluminium components without any major planning, saving you valuable time and effort. Discover our range of aluminium profiles, which can be adapted to meet your requirements.

Benefits of aluminium profile components

Building your own equipment means you can be flexible. You can design something to specific dimensions and include all the features you need. A modular aluminium profile system gives you many possibilities, whether you’re building a cupboard with castors, a shelf with an additional level or platform trolley with handles.

In the workplace, aluminium profiles bring a whole host of benefits, including:


Aluminium formwork components can be used in many different ways to construct a variety of things, with standardised components, which connect easily. They can be disassembled easily, too, for when your requirements change.


The individual aluminium components are designed to match one another, providing a convenient way to build and modify whatever you’d like. When disassembled, the parts are also easy to store, saving important space and money.


They are strong and stable, designed to withstand heavy loads, at the same time as complying with safety regulations and standards, so you don’t have to worry.


Aluminium profiles are quick and easy to put together. At kaiserkraft, we have fast delivery options available, too.

Using individual aluminium profile components in your workplace

Within our range, we have over 100 different versions of aluminium formwork components, from tubular profiles, connectors, and panels, to handles, wheels, and more. Using these different parts enables you to create your own modular aluminium profile system, depending on what you want to build, whether that be a new shelf system, workbench, cupboard, platform trolley or seat for the staff break room.

How assembly using individual aluminium profile components works

Assembling aluminium formwork components is fast and straightforward. You won’t need many tools, as each component has been designed to connect together easily with an allen key. All you need to do is cut the tubular profiles to the right length.

Need help choosing aluminium profiles for your business?

If you need help navigating our range of aluminium formwork components, get in touch with our customer service team who will be happy to advise you and help you to understand the many possibilities.